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Jurassic Quest-Phoenix

Have you ever wanted to see a Lifesize Sauropod in person? Check out Jurassic Quest when it comes to a city near you!

Jurassic Quest Phoenix

Since I heard Jurassic Quest was coming to Phoenix, I knew that I had to check it out for my crazy, dinosaur loving children. Unfortunately for us, Jurassic Quest was only in town a few short days (March 23-25th) but will also be in other areas around the country as it is a traveling show. There are also permanent  Dinosaur Exhibits in the area, if  you didn’t make it to Jurassic Quest. Here are a few places we have visited that are dino themed- The Arizona Museum of Natural History, Pangaea Land of the Dinosaurs, and Legoland Discovery Center in Tempe also has a dinosaur exhibit (Lego themed projects) through the end of 2018 (approximately). Jurassic Quest has over 100 True-to-Life Size Dinos!

Jurassic Quest was held at the Phoenix Convention Center. The Phoenix Convention Center is HUGE! I highly recommend a stroller for toddlers, as there are 4 buildings as well as huge hallways.

The event was held at the basement level, which has humongous, tall high ceilings. Upon entering the large room where Jurassic Quest was held there were two sections. The right was the Dinosaurs, and to the left was entertainment. The Dinosaur area as dimly lit, but it was easy enough to see around you. I felt like it really enhanced the experience!  I soon found out that there was a TON of stuff to do that the kids would have really enjoyed, and I should have upgraded to the VIP. Next time. The regular Kids ticket does not include some of the extra features (keep reading for more information!)

Tour Guide at Jurassic Quest

At the dino side, there was a roaming tour guide with a megaphone. It was kind of hard to hear him through the roar of the dinosaurs and the shrieks of delight from the kids and adults. However, my 8 year old is a self named “Dino Expert” so he told us everything we needed to know.

The Dinosaurs at Jurassic Quest were just AMAZING! The Dinosaurs were definitely crafted with care and detail. The skin, the teeth and the horns all seemed to be everything I could imagine and more!

Jurassic Quest Phoenix

There was also an area where the kids could hop in an egg and “sit” on  dino! Dimples was super happy about that area!

The craft tables and science sections were very busy so we weren’t able to get in to get a space. My kids were so focused on the dinosaurs that they didn’t seem to mind! The kids did watch the Dino Theater, which was a Large Screen video of Dinosaur information. The video was approximately 10 minutes long.

Jurassic Quest

I just loved the color of the Troodon. Of course, we don’t know what color the dinos really were, but I love that they chose blue!

Jurassic Quest

I loved all the feathered dinos as well as the T-REx. Don’t worry, Munchie didn’t actually hit the dino or touch it. He has always wanted to tell the dino what for, and pretended to!

Jurassic Quest

We didn’t get to see the baby dinos or walking dinos, we just kept being at the wrong place at the wrong time! The top right picture was of the movie, the middle right was the steps leading to the dino ride (it didn’t move anywhere), and of course, my husband and kids running from the T-Rex! Luckily, there was a fence there so they were never in any danger!

Jurassic Quest

Lots of shopping available for all your dino activity, plus tons of jumpers. This is where the VIP pass would come in handy. The Kids VIP pass includes all of the attractions plus Dino Rides, fossil digs, Dino scooters (riding a little dino bumper car), inflatables and a bungee pull. I did not see the Bungee pull. Otherwise, each of these are a $5 ticket each. There was also seating available for weary parents! I personally really loved the flags that say “enter and exit” and that they were colored red and green. Great organization!

The Jurassic Quest was really pretty neat with the size of the dinos! I really was impressed with how lifelike (I would imagine) them to be. My dino lovers gave JQ a 2 thumbs up

The Basics

Jurassic Quest

Traveling show around the US

We received complimentary admission. All opinions are 100% my own.


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