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An oldie but a goodie-we love Jubeelieve! Munchie has outgrown the age group but I can’t wait to whisk the two younger ones off for a play date!

Closed August 2018

From: July 2014

We recently headed to Jubeelieve in Avondale and had a blast! This place was ideal for ALL of my kids, and since we have three under five, all of my kids could play!

Jubeelieve recently moved into a new location, and its really nice, clean and open. We didn’t get to check them out in their old location, but that’s fine because this one was great!


They have a nice check in area, and seats are provided so EVERYONE can put on their socks. Yes, everyone needs to wear socks, including parents. They do sell them if you forget, but try and remember! You will also need to sign in and sign a waiver sheet when you go in.


Towards the back of the play area is a nice area for having a snack and even washing your hands. If you didn’t bring a snack? No problem! They sell some snack food, juice and water!

IMG_3697The snack area and the line up of walking toys and cars (this is also the view of the front desk from inside the play area)

IMG_3688The play area is gated off from the entrance so there are no runners (or crawlers) out the front door. Dimples is displaying it nicely here!

IMG_3690Lots of toys to climb in and play with for the really little ones. Towards the back are two bathrooms complete with changing stations!IMG_3710



I personally LOVED the sign-how thoughtful to have all this stuff conveniently located in the bathrooms!!



And a sanitation station!


For the bigger kids there were these ride on “rollercoasters” and the Thomas the train on the tracks and a mini trampoline!



There was also a lot of room to just run around, which sometimes is what the kids really need. The staff would come and pick up toys and put them back (yay for mommy not having to feel like she had to do it!), while allowing the kids to play and have a lot of fun!

IMG_3700Here’s my “wide angle” view of the most of the play area. Dimples had a great time crawling. There were a few different types of climbing toys that were appropriate for the 2-5 crowd.



And you could even put your little bundle of joy in a few of the jumper/exersaucer toys so they wouldn’t get run over. And, if you look behind Dimples in this picture, all the plugs have the safety covers!


Munchie showed me how the slide was!


And the toy area with a jumping ball!


Giggles had a blast too!

This place is really clean and well taken care of. The staff was super and we really had a great time. All the toys are in great condition and it was cool and comfortable for all of us. While Munchie probably will want more of a challenge than this next year, this place was perfect for Dimples and Giggles (almost 1 and 2). Who doesn’t want to try out new toys that aren’t theirs’?

Jubeelieve also has special events, so you will want to check out their page to see what is going on!

New June 2015- Some new pictures of the beautiful Walls the owners have been working on!


This even has locks attached that the kids can play with. My children are trying to figure out how to open the doors. (they are painted on, they don’t actually open!)



Jungle theme!


Lots of trees inside.


Near the front desk. I’m amazed by the owner, Yolanda’s, artistic talent (and desire to get up on a ladder to paint this!)

The Basics

Jubeelieve Indoor Playground

965 E. Van Buren St. Suite #115 Avondale AZ 85323

Open Play every day but Sunday (reserved for Birthday Parties and Events)


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