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It’s all about the “Washington’s”!

downloadI heard myself tell my husband the other day “the pajamas the kids wear after they have a bath can be worn for two nights. Let’s try not to make as much laundry!” I felt like my mom was speaking through me.  I remember her telling me not to just “throw things in the laundry”, and now I get it.

Yes, there is the environmental aspect of this decision. Water is a hard resource to come by in the desert. I am thinking a little more selfishly here, and I admit it. In our old home, we had a well and only had to pay for the cleaning of the septic and the water purifiers. In Surprise, we have a lot more to pay for. Plus, we are on the “energy savings plan”, so we should only use big appliances before noon or after 7pm. This is a big change for my husband and I. In Connecticut, we would have “brown outs” where the local electric provider would ask that people wouldn’t use big appliances until the evening, but we were so used to doing whatever we wanted with running our large appliances that we often forgot about this warning.
A big part of our decision to move here was cost savings.(See my about SurpriseAZmom page). Taxes were the number one decision in the “cost savings” category, but there are other things that we need to do as well. I have started looking at advertisements and coupons a bit more than I did back in Connecticut. Prices here, for most things, are cheaper than in Connecticut. But, an additional savings is nothing to overlook. I have found Grocerysmarts and Livingrichwithcoupons so far, and look forward to saving a bit more with the help of these experts.

As my husband warned me “please don’t just buy stuff with coupons because you have a coupon for it”. I think that, in itself, is the biggest cost savings. If you aren’t going to use it, then its not really a savings. And, if a generic is cheaper, get that instead.

I look forward to saving money with you. I’d rather save some money and gear up for a good vacation with the kiddos, or a night on the town with the hubby!

How do you save money?



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