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Is it time to hire a tutor?

This year has been a very crazy year with kids in and out of school. Schedules have been interrupted more than once, classes are via zoom and your child may be having some issues with their schoolwork.

You may be wondering “Is it time to hire a tutor?”

I have seen many posts on different mom groups around Facebook asking for recommendations for tutoring. But, before you pull the trigger on interviewing a tutor, there are a few things that you may want to think about:

  1. Is your child lacking in motivation? Many of the comments that I have seen online have been in regards to the motivation factor. I can totally sympathize with a child who feels unmotivated to learn right now. Having a schedule constantly disrupted with no “normal” in sight can be upsetting and depressing for a child of any age. This is something you will want to have a conversation with your child about. Do not attempt to have this conversation while they are doing their school work. That will just end up in a fight.
  2. Is your child distracted? If they are taking classes only online, are they able to focus on the teacher, or are there other things going on? Often kids will have a chat room open, or a cell phone nearby and will miss vital instructions. Or, they might not be responding to this type of learning style.
  3. How is your child interacting at home? Are they sad, frightened, easily upset? Do they want to hang out with their friends, or have they lost interest? This could be a symptoms of depression or anxiety. And, with everything going on right now, it is understandable that they may feel overwhelmed.
  4. How are you, as the parent(s), dealing with stress in your household? Children often mimic and feel their parents stressors, so your child may be reacting or mirroring your stress. Are you, as the parent, distracted? Are you completing tasks or feeling unmotivated? Remember that actions speak louder than words, so while you may say to your child to do their schoolwork but if they see the house is a mess when it is usually extremely clean, they will see you as unmotivated too. My oldest called me out on talking about too much scary stuff in front of him. It was stressing him out! It happens!
  5. Have you worked with your child on their schoolwork? Have you asked them about what they are finding difficult?

Tutors can be very helpful, but they won’t be the right type of help if the child needs someone to listen to his/her worries. Or, if the stress level in the house is really high, or they aren’t getting enough sleep, exercise or healthy foods.

Motivation right now is really hard for kids, and a tutor may not be the person to solve that. I encourage you to speak to your child, many times, if they are not doing well in school and see how you can work together for a better solution. If a tutor is needed, there are many great Tutors available, like Tutor Doctor East Valley. But, first, talk with your child and make a plan.

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  1. Kimberly on December 26, 2020 at 10:09 am

    Thank you Vicki. This year has left detrimental marks on kids that were previously good students. I appreciate the mention of our business, Tutor Doctor. We are happy and equipped to provide structure and strategy to stay ahead in subjects.

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