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Imagine Arts Academy

Are you looking for something to do with your kids that is creative, gets them to learn, think about the world around them and problem solve? Check out Imagine Arts Academy by Crayola!

Are you also looking for something that can be taught in your home via the computer?

Imagine Arts Academy, which is partnered up with Crayola, is a perfect match!

We received all of our supplies from Imagine Arts Academy in the mail and an email with our zoom meeting time. All the instructions to set up were in the packet and it was so easy!

The Set Up

We use our kitchen counter for messy projects. This will be a messy project, and different projects will have varying levels of messiness. Jennifer, our teacher was AMAZING! Everything was already set up in baggies and ready to go with instructions. Our Project was to use clay to make a mars habitat.

We did have wax paper on our counter for the clay, but if you have a space where you can do it without-that might be better. The wax paper did get stuck to the clay a bit. Luckily our granite counter top is really easy to clean. We also work on our tile floor a lot, as it is easy to clean, so if you have a messy space already, I highly suggest doing these classes in a space that’s prepped for messy fun.

Ready to Learn with Imagine Arts Academy

Jennifer with Imagine Arts Academy was super engaging and introduced herself and the project, and the ground rules. She also had the kids introduce themselves. Our class was just our kids via zoom. I had the computer on the other side of the counter from them (I think next time I’ll put some wax over my keyboard, just in case!)

The great thing about the Imagine Arts Academy was that it was more than just “make something with clay and paint it”. Once Jennifer started explaining the project, my kids were really excited.

Jennifer went over the different steps of solving the “problem” that my kids were going to solve (Sorry, I was sitting to the side as I took these pictures).

Identify-They spoke about their problem -Which was designing a habitat for people on Mars.

Define-What do you need-the spoke about the tools that they had (obviously, they were just making a model). They talked about the living conditions on Mars and what things they may want. Jennifer even showed one of her models.

Explore-Brainstorm your ideas. At this point, the kids started talking about their ideas and then they sketched a few ideas. And then, the real fun began. They could use the CLAY!

Assess-After doing the creation, they could talk about it with Jennifer and the others. We let it dry for two days and painted it later.

During this time, Jennifer also went over different techniques of how to work with the clay.

The Clay!

The kids were making clay balls, rolling the clay and pinching the clay with the help from Jennifer. You can tell how engaged they were while doing the class!

My kids all had a lot of great questions about what they should put on their Mars Habitat.

Giggles tries to get in really close with her finished habitat to the camera (next time I’m covering my keyboard!). She was super excited about this project. She made a recycling center, a water containment and recyling area, a place for everyone to shower, a play area and a place for people to sleep.

Munchie, my oldest on the left, made an all in one building that had plenty of room for people to enjoy all of their daily activities in one building. He wanted it to be a self supporting area on Mars. He is all about space these days!

Dimples wanted to have a farm with animals and plants so that everyone had something to eat. He also made a place for people to sleep and a rollercoaster so people had a place to play. Dimples said that the roller coaster would be super fun because gravity would keep you up longer. And, there was a pond for playing and drinking too.

You can also see the paint pots that are on the counter. Paint pots and I sometimes don’t get along very well because they are so hard to open. My kids were able to easily open these on their own!

The Imagine Arts Academy online class was about an hour long, and it was the perfect amount of time to keep them engaged, thinking creatively and problem solving too. I loved how they were able to use knowledge they had already used and talk with each other about more ideas. And, they went a little wild too! They were able to use a new medium (Air-Dry Clay) and learn how to use it with the teacher. The zoom call worked really well for this type of lesson and my kids were able to work on the craft and listen at the same time. Plus, we were able to finish the craft by painting it another day, so it was two days of crafting. They loved telling their dad about their experience and how they would live on Mars.

Other Options that are Available from Imagine Arts Academy.

The Basics

Imagine Arts Academy with Jennifer Mollet-602-612-7778

This was a promotional post. All opinions in this post are 100% my own.

This is a great class for homeschoolers!

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