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Imagine 3D Mini Golf Gilbert

Are you looking for a cool place to check out for you and your kids?

Imagine 3D Mini Golf has two locations-One in Gilbert and one in Scottsdale. We checked out the location at 785 W Warner Rd Suite A107 in Gilbert.

The Scottsdale location is at 9180 E Talking STick Way #F7 Scottsdale

Both locations have their artwork based on the dreams of the owner’s children. They are whimsical and truly fun-and very glowy! You can even get 3D glasses, but they aren’t necessary to enjoy the fun if you don’t want to wear them.

If you love blacklight art, you will definitely love this place too! Wear your white shirts or socks for extra glowing fun.

We did visit soon after the state opened back up due to Covid restrictions, and 3D Mini Golf was sanitizing things as we went along and asked that we didn’t get too close to other people. The gal at the front desk told me all about the wonderful owners and how much she loved working with them. And, about the whimsical drawings. There is also a name hunt that kids (and adults) can go on. Names are hidden within the paintings and you can find them for additional prizes at the end of your golf game.

It is a full 18 hole mini golf course. I always remind my kids about golf etiquette, but the host will also remind the participants as well. I usually have to have the chat with my kids multiple times as well (you know, don’t swing your club willy nilly everywhere. No they aren’t swords, that kind of stuff).

You can see from my pictures that the glow was ON!

Imagine also has child prices and Veteran/Military discounts, so make sure you ask for those too!

There were different themes throughout the entire golf course, which I really appreciated that it wasn’t the same repetitive murals throughout the game. There was also great music pumping to keep the kids moving. Also, beware that one hole has a fake hole! But, I’m not going to tell you which one!

Dimples had to give me a crazy look in his 3D glasses! He wore them the entire time. My other two kids usually wear glasses so they didn’t want to keep them on. Because of my epilepsy and having I am able to drive now, I decided not to roll the dice on how it would effect me. The pictures were amazing without the 3d glasses, so if you decide to go glasses-less, you still can enjoy. Behind Giggles is one of the pirate ship murals.

This was a cute wonderland with unicorns and a fake wishing well! It was so bright and cheery. Watch out for the stepping stones!

This amazing aquatic sea scene was the last stop, and it was amazingly detailed.

My kids made two new dolphin friends too. But watch out for the shark in the corner!

There are also some video games too. After playing the round of golf, we were given some coins to play the video games. If the kids found all the names, they would have won extra coins (the gal at the front even gave some clues, but the kids were done looking).

Imagine 3D also has a party table area if you choose to celebrate there. They have a men’s bathroom and women’s bathroom that are one stallers, but no diaper changing station. It’s not really a place you’d take a really little one, but I know some people have kiddos that could golf that still wear diapers. So, something to keep in mind if a kiddo needs a change.

We really enjoyed our time at Imagine 3D Mini Golf. I loved the attention to detail on the all of their designs. They weren’t goofy drawings-they were done with extreme care! And, the gal we chatted with at the front was amazing and really gave great customer service and really loved her job and the people she worked for. That was evident in how she spoke with our kids and interacted with me as well.

Highly recommend!

The Basics

Imagine 3D Mini Golf

785 W Warner Rd #A107 Gilbert Arizona

9180 E Talking Stick Way #7 Scottsdale

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