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i9 Sports

Are you looking for your child to play a sport? i9 Sports is coming to our area with loads of great opportunities! Plus, i9 features schedules that work for busy families!

I was lucky enough to speak with Jason Kerrick, League Coordinator and Area Developer, a few times to learn about i9 Sports. Jason will be running programs in towns on the west side and not only has a great background with sports, but even wrote a book about the benefit of sports and our culture. The Transformative Effect of Youth Sports had great information regarding the benefits kids receive from playing sports, but also how parents effect the child’s desire to play and get involved with sports as well.

Jason has played sports, coached his kids sports and decided to leave his banking job and run i9 Sports in our area. He was passionate about mentoring kids in sports, and felt that i9 was doing an amazing job. i9 stands for “Imaginative, Interactive, Impassioned, Instructional, Inclusive, Innovative, Integrity-driven, Inspirational, Insightful”, or i to the 9th power. Jason spoke with me about the differences between what sports programs are currently available in our area, and the “i to the 9th power” was just one of the major differences that you will see when being involved with i9 Sports.

Another difference with i9 Sports is the season length at practice days. If you are a working parent with multiple children, scheduling kids activities can become overwhelming. With I9 Sports, seasons are 6-7 weeks long and practices and games all occur on Saturdays.

football i9 sports

i9 Sports also teaches values. Every week will be a “value” to be encouraged during the practice and the game, such as courage or teamwork. Kids will be encouraged and recognized for demonstrating the value of the week.

Parents are also required to sign a parental pledge. The Parental Pledge encourages parents to be supportive, demonstrate positive attitudes and maintain the fun in sports.

Practices on Saturdays? And Games? How does that work for i9 Sports?

Scheduling is a huge issue when it comes to being involved with sports. i9 Sports simplifies this by having practices on Saturdays directly before the game. For instance, a child who is 6 and under will have a half hour practice and then a half hour game. Ages 7 and up (approximately) will have an hour practice and an hour game. This system helps encourage parents to get involved as volunteer coaches and it makes it simpler for the working parents and parents of multiple kids!

Volunteer Coaches and Sports Coordinators and Officials

Coach i9 sports

Many times parents would love to volunteer as a coach but may not be able to make the time commitment of many days a week of practices and games, or don’t know the sports. i9 Sports makes it easy for volunteers to get involved. Sports Coordinators are skilled (and paid) to help coaches at every practice and game teach the skill of the week. The Volunteer Coaches help the children once they have learned the skill, make sure every child gets a chance to participate and help encourage the value of the week.

Volunteers Coaches must apply online, take an exam, pass a background check and attend a coaches meeting. After coaches are approved, they have access to videos to help them coach, teach skills and maintain the fun!

Trained officials are at every game.

socceri9 sports

Recognition at i9 Sports

Participants in i9 Sports get recognized every practice & game with stickers. At the end of the season, each participant will receive a participant award.

Sports Available

Peoria Sports

For Spring 2018, Peoria will have Basketball available. Summer 2018 will have more sports, and fall 2018 will have multiple locations with multiple sports such as t-ball, baseball, basketball, soccer, flag football and even Lacrosse. Stay tuned to i9 Sports on Facebook and the website for more details.


Pricing is tiered, and depends on the sport, age of participant and location. The sooner you sign up, the more you save! See website for up to date details on prices.

The Basics

i9 Sports

Jason Kerrick-League Coordinator/Area Developer

(623) 562-5269

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