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Hudson Park and Splashpad-Tempe

We love checking out Splashpads, and luckily there was a close one to the Arizona Mills Mall that we wanted to check out while Munchie was in Sea Life Camp.

As you drive around Tempe to get to this park, you will find that this area is a good mix of residential homes, college campus and apartments and commercial. I actually pulled into a parking lot for an apartment building instead of the street that I was supposed to pull into at first (Thanks GPS).

Hudson Park was in a very residential negihborhood with lots of homes that had HUGE trees. Something that the west side doesn’t often have. The park had some great tree shade and shade over the play structures, but not on the splashpad. There was also a bathroom that was a pretty far walk from the splashpad, but at least there was a restroom. It was “park restroom” quality, and no stalls 🙁

There was pull in parking on S. Cedar and another street going south (unnamed). Not completely off street parking, but allows you to pull in enough without parallel parking. The streets are not highly trafficked streets.

View from the bathroom across the park. Lots of greenspace, a basketball court, ramadas and seating.

Lighted Basketball Court.

Baby swings (not under a shade. DARN!). And sand for the playground.

An interesting hammock type swing that was bolted to the ground. I guess so someone doesn’t flip over.

Multiple types of drums and music makers

Playground one with lots of climbing equipment, slides and sand! Dramatic play area and bridges to climb across!

Sand diggers, a car bouncy and a bug bounder were a great addition in the sand (and so conveniently located to the splashpad for castle building!)

The other climber had larger climbing items, monkey bars and lower slides. Both playgrounds were kind of a mix for big kids and little kids, in my opinion!

One lonely big kid swing (kind of a big space for just one swing) and a tire swing.

More monkey bars, a wiggly platform and a step across for balance. 

Tiered swings and a spinny chair rounded out the other play area, right near the splashpad.

The Splashpad was concrete, so water shoes are advisable. The three water hoops, water buckets that fill up and 3 gun shooters along with a few spigots in the ground were on a cycle to turn on and off.

Water dumping buckets/


And of course, we always find new friends at the park too!

This park was a really nice quiet park on the day we went, but I could see it being very popular because of its location. We went on a hot muggy day, but the shade was very relaxing. There were also some benches in the shade near the playgrounds and near the splashpad farm enough that parents wouldn’t get wet. And the benches were nicely tucked under some of the big trees.

I highly recommend a few buckets for the kids to play in the water and maybe some shovels for sand castle making!

This park was really a delight for us and great for picnics too!

The Basics

Hudson Park Tempe

1430 S Cedar Street Tempe


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