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How do I put my child back in Public School after Homeschooling?

I never thought I would be a homeschool mom. My husband and I thought we would put the kids in school and that would be that. But, I started to see kids and parents at the park in the middle of the day, and I was curious. They looked happy. And, my oldest wasn’t happy in preschool. He was being picked on a bit and we were paying money for him to do some learning, and some napping.

After a few incidents, I talked with my husband about pulling out our oldest to try homeschooling him. We already had two other little ones at home (they were 2 and almost 1 at the time), so I was already home all the time anyhow. I had done a lot of activities with Munchie until he started preschool anyhow! So, we started on our homeschool journey. And, we loved it.

Our homeschool journey was fun. We were part of different groups and did a ton of activites. I won’t bore you with all of that stuff, because you can read about it in other posts. But, unfortunately, my homeschooling journey took a left turn in September 2018 when I suddenly got sick with a brain infection. The brain infection caused me to go into a medically induced coma, and I ended up with epilepsy. I was in the hospital for two weeks. You can read all about my journey with epilepsy on my post “Looking back, one year later”.

I couldn’t homeschool my children and get better. My kids needed me at my best, and I was not at my best.

My husband and I decided that the kids would need to be in the public school system while I recovered. We didn’t know how long that would be, and the kids needed the socialization and to keep on learning as well.

If you enter/Re-enter the School System after Homeschooling

You may be wondering how do I put my child back in Public School after Homeschooling?

You will need to have up to date shot records, birth certificates for your child, and ID of the parent. If you are guardian (not the parent) you will need guardianship papers.

If the student is high school age, you will want to make sure they have a transcript. You can find online transcripts that you can make yourself (in Arizona). Or, if you are doing an accredited online program, make sure you get transcripts from that program. If you have done a charter school online, look for the AccreditED on the site.

Will there be placement testing?

It is possible that your child will have to go through placement testing for their grade. My children did not have placement testing when they went into school . Giggles, my daughter, was age 6 (June birthday) and entered first grade. My Son was age 8 (November birthday) and entered Grade 3 (he would turn nine during the year). If the child has a birthday that is close to the cut off, they may do a placement testing.

We did put the children into school a month after school started, so they just plunked them into a classroom that was already rolling. My husband called ahead to the school and asked what was needed and brought the paperwork. He was given a schedule

High schoolers may have placement tests. Call ahead to the school to see what their requirements are.

What can you do to keep your child learning at home?

The Academic Standards are a good thing to glance over every now and again. However, I don’t get overly concerned if every day we aren’t working on every single thing on this list.

Find a curriculum that you and your child feel comfortable with. If you don’t like it or your child is struggling with it, than it isn’t working. There are a lot of free materials you can find online to help supplement. I highly recommend finding some curricula that you like and working with that. Our family has loved Math U See and Spectrum Workbooks. Math U See is a little more on the pricier side, but the kids have understood and grasped the concepts well. Spectrum Workbooks are available on Amazon, Target, and Barnes and Noble and are very easy to get through.

Where should I focus my child’s time?

Math, reading and writing are the essential building blocks to education. So, I highly encourage working on these three things to help your child.

For Social Studies and Science, we do a lot of things that the kids have expressed interest in. Our kids are very interested in Space right now. We bought the PDF version of The Good and The Beautiful’s Space and are going through with the children. It can be used for multiple grades at one time, but it is religious. We also watch a lot of YouTube videos that are connected to this, but we have conversations about every day things that spark and interest and we investigate that as well.

For Social Studies, we are using The Good and the Beautiful as well, but also Who Was Books. The kids love the shows on Netflix and the book series as well! Once again, we watch a lot of interesting videos on YouTube if the kids have questions. One day we learned about the history of money and banks! Even I learn too!

Art and Music

Art and Music doesn’t have to be very formal. Or, it can be very formal! I have a background in Music and our kids have taken piano lessons. So, they get on the piano and play. Or, we listen to different styles of music and they dance. We also have talked about different musical types and composers (Music and history right there!)

I also have a Pinterest Page full of different art projects for all ages! We have tons of projects that you can do with your kids or they can do on their own. The beauty of art is that there is no right way to do it! There are also different places in the valley that you can do art with your kids as well, such as Art with Me AZ, She’s Crafty , Pinspiration and More.

How Much Time Does Homeschooling Take Per Day?

You would be amazed at how little time we do at the desk per day. We do about an hour to maybe two hours of school “formally” each day. But, our kids are learning in many other ways throughout the day. When we go for a drive and they see a sign about the census. Or, when we pass a dairy farm and we talk about that. There are so many ways in which our kids learn outside of a normal “sit down” setting.

Have you put your kids in public school after homeschooling? Do you have anything to add?

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