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Homeschooling-Trouble Spots

When you are homeschooling and your child is moving forward with their lessons and everything is going well, you feel like you are on top of the world. Your child is learning, they are feeling great and you are feeling good too. You may feel like “I can do this” “This is no problem” “I’ve got this”.

But then, you hit a trouble spot. Your child may be having an issue with a lesson. They don’t understand a term that you introduced. You panic. What is going on? Why aren’t they getting it? They got everything before! Why now?

This is when homeschooling is amazing for your child. You can come up with different ways of teaching your child, but sometimes that creativity can be hard when you start panicking about why they aren’t getting a subject. So, I’m here to help with some things that have been super helpful to me when we have hit some snags!.

Math Trouble Spots

Giggles kept moving forward with her math until we got to double digit multiplication when I realized she was pausing with her multiplication facts. Flashcards are SO 1980s and before, so I went high tech. We stopped moving forward in her main book which I love (Math U See) to do reviews elsewhere.

  • Math Apps-There are tons of apps to help kids review math problems that can be fun and engaging! On Apple or Google store, you can find apps for under 5.00 that review (and reward) your child’s math facts. Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, etc.
  • Teachers Pay Teachers has a plethora of different teacher made worksheets that you can get for free or buy. You can also preview them so you know what you are getting. Looking for any type of sheet for review? They have it!
  • A small workbook-I went to Barnes and Noble and got a Multiplication review workbook for her to review and she is now rocking it. Soon, she will be able to go through her double digit multiplication with ease.

If she had been in the public school or charter school system, we would be trying to play catch up after school or with tutoring while her peers would be moving forward with new concepts. With homeschooling, I’m able to focus completely on her and she is not left behind and will not fall further behind.

Reading Trouble Spots

All of my children love to read, and I’m super happy that we have encouraged this from the beginning of their lives. But not all kids love it and some struggle. And, we have been through the struggles too!! We have done different workbooks throughout our years and are continuing to look for new workbooks for my oldest (who is going into 6th grade this year!!).

One thing I have spoken highly about during the year is Reading Eggs. I absolutely love this program. Giggles and Dimples used this to learn how to read and I love how they have worksheets that go along with the lessons that you can print out too. Reading Eggs just introduced Fast Phonics, and Dimples is using this as a review.

Reading and saying the words is one thing, but comprehension is another thing. Does your child understand what they are reading? Sometimes taking your child back a level or two is important so they can focus on what is going on in the story!

Getting Past Trouble Spots

With anything, practice makes perfect. Sometimes there is going to be a struggle to get past a hard spot with a child. Just like practicing a sport to get better or an instrument to become proficient, math and reading are just foundations for a great education. Both require practice for mastery and sometimes a little frustration will happen. Working through the frustration is good for resiliency, which is also another lesson.

I like to mix in things that my child is GREAT at so that they are not feeling bogged down. We mix in what they are struggling with and then focus in on the things they excel at as well. When we are dealing with those trouble spots, it is really important to also focus on the big wins as well!

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