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Hollyhock Pool Surprise

Have you been to Hollyhock Pool on the North East end of Surprise? If you haven’t, you are missing out on a great smaller pool with wonderful amenities. When people think of swimming in Surprise, the Aquatic Center on Bullard is usually the one people flock to. And that one is super busy. But the Hollyhock Pool is a true gem.

The open swim hours are not as long as the pool on Bullard, but if you are brave enough to go out midday during the summer, you should check out this pool.

Parking is available to the south of the pool and the north of the pool. However, the entrance to Hollyhock Pool is on the south.

hollyhock pool entrance

There is a small booth to pay. If you are a Surprise Resident, you must show your utility bill or your ID to get the resident prices.

Bathrooms at Hollyhock

Bathrooms are very basic. You can enter the pool through the bathrooms or through the gate which is to the right of the bathrooms. The women’s bathroom had two stalls and shower, and no door to the pool. So, beware if you are bringing little runners that there is NO gate or door stopping little guys from the bathroom to the pool.




Shade at hollyhock

The bathrooms DON’T have a roof! So, it was pretty hot in there. No escape from the heat in the bathrooms.

holly hock slide

There is one slide at the Hollyhock pool. It is a gradual descent. The stairs had grippy rubber on them so it was hot but not unbearable. Yes, I went down too!

The water depth is about 3’6″. The requirement to go down the slide is 48″

zero entry hollyhock pool

There was the zero entry area that went down to about 2 and a half feet. On the other side of the wall were three lanes to swim.

The ground is pretty hot, so make sure you have sandals.

splashpad hollyhock

Hollyhock pool also featured a nice splashpad for kids who don’t want to be completely in the water!

picnic areas hollyhock pool

Four picnic benches were a bit set back from the pool with water fountains. It looked like there could be a concession stand but there was not anything there. Hollyhock pool also had benches that surrounded the pool with huge umbrellas over them, and to the north west part of the pool area was a small grassy area shaded by trees.

lanes at hollyhock pool

There were three lanes to swim in the pool, which was the other side of the zero entry area. The pool went down to 5′, closest to the lifeguard you see in the picture. The dept of the pool on the other end of the lanes were 3ft 6″.

The Basics

Hollyhock Community Pool

15808 N Hollyhock St, Surprise, AZ 85378



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