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Hidden Meadows Park-Glendale

Did you know there is a cute little park behind the Arrowhead Mall (Arrowhead Towne Center)? It’s not the newest park, but it does have a good amount of greenspace if you have just dragged your child around shopping and need some fresh air!

Located off of W St. John Road, you will find parking to be parallel only. The road is a divided road, so it is a bit narrow, but it was easy to pull right into a spot as it wasn’t a very busy park. However, I really do hate having one of my kids doors open into traffic, even though we have sliding minivan doors.  The road wasn’t too busy, luckily, so it wasn’t that big of a deal.



There were three different sections of climbing stuff for the kids. It really should have been two different sections, but one of the monkey bars didn’t have anything hanging off of it, so for simplicity’s sake, we will say there are three different playgrounds. They were much better suited for the 4+ crowd. You can see Munchie was happy to be climbing while Dimples (almost 2) was not too happy with the choice of playground. There is also sand throughout the playground. It was pretty clean. After the last stop at Arrowhead Shores Park, I was a bit wary.


There were also two baby swings. They were mismatched and at different heights.



This was the playground that should have had a connector. I was a little disappointed with this part because the stairs led up to monkey bars that were complete and then something else (which I think could have been monkey bars as well or maybe some sort of hang bridge?) but the stairs went no where for my two little ones, Dimples and Giggles (almost 2 and 3).


The slide looks like fun, and there is another slide that would be more toddler friendly , if there were a toddler friendly way to get up there. On the left you can see two high blue bars that are parallel to each other. They had no connectors but had holes where something should have been.


My little guys made their own fun by climbing up the slide since they couldn’t climb the other two things to get up to the top of the slide.


IMG_7566There were three bars of different heights here. I tried, horribly, to do a pull up on one of them. My three year old could easily reach the lowest one.


There are two very nice ramadas at the park as well . This one was the larger one, but both had grills. There are no bathrooms at this location, but there is a nice walking trail.

I think this park needs some work on it, and I would hope that it could be a little more toddler friendly. The equipment is worn but has been taken care of. I would recommend this park from 4 years plus (if good climbers) and if you have a little one that’s not walking yet you could put them in the swing. There are no shades over the playgrounds at this park.


The Basics

Hidden Meadows Park

75th Ave and St. John Rd

Peoria, AZ 85382

This park includes:
Climbing Features, Grills, Picnic Benches, Ramadas, Walking Paths

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