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Heritage Park Splash Pad

Update November 2017!!

The splash pad has been updated with more drainage and a textured concrete coating as well as some “caulking” or “striping” along the border-hopefully to provide some drainage so the corners don’t get so slippery.

The splashpad texture is still concrete, so please be careful with kids running. The edges where the benches were done do not have the texture-just the blue areas. This is very similar to Surprise Farms Park/Dick McComb and Veramonte.


IMG_3409It was a very early morning (Who are we kidding? Every morning is an early morning in our house hold). So we headed over to the Heritage Park Splash Pad in Marley Park to play. Check out my earlier post here to see about the playground area right next to the splash pad!

We arrived bright and early at 8:30 am. It was already pretty warm and sunny out, but the splash pad area had a nice mix of sun and shade so Munchie and Giggles were able to hop in and out of the water, and I was able to stand with Dimples in the shade.

IMG_3410 IMG_3411Munchie had a great time “shooting” other people with the water guns, but it doesn’t hurt. Giggles had a great time going through the “yellow water tunnel”.

IMG_3412The tricky part about the splash pad is how to get the water to work! Ahh, aren’t you glad you are reading the blog? The first time I went with my kids, I had NO IDEA on how to turn on the water, but luckily a nice person showed me how to do it so now I can share it with YOU! I wish there was just a sign pointing to it!

Anyhow-the water is turned on by tapping the flat spot on the black part of the fire hydrant. Or trying to turn it. Or a combination of both. So, I don’t know the exact mechanics of how it turns on, but that seems to be what has worked successfully for us.

The water only stays on for a few minutes and automatically shuts off. We are in the desert anyhow, so we want to make sure the water is used responsibly. It was truly enjoyable!

I noticed a few pros at the park actually brought folding chairs to sit and enjoy watching the little ones play. What a great idea. Plus, if you check out my other post on Heritage Park, you’ll see that there are ammenities as well! Phew ; )

A great hot day activity, this splash pad scores MAJOR points for me. And, I’ve heard it’s not usually too busy for the kids.

You will want to have your children put on those swim shoes, like the speedo ones that are mesh on top and rubber on the bottomdownload (1)

The spray pad is cement (eeek) so slipping and falling can definitely ruin a good time if you are not careful. The swim shoes worked great on Munchie and Giggles and prevented them from falling. The first time Munchie was there he did not have the swim shoes on and he did fall. Definitely a necessity for this splash pad!

This is a great place to hang for the hot weather.

The Basics

Heritage Park Splash pad

15073 W Sweetwater Ave Surprise, AZ

Are you looking for information on the Playground? Click here


This park includes:

Baseball Field, Grills, Picnic Benches, Ramadas, Restrooms, Restroom Changing Table, Rock Climbing Wall, Slides, Splashpad


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