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Heard Museum-Build Exhibit (Lego)


The Heard Museum’s primary focus is to share the appreciation of the arts and the history of the indigenous people of the area. There is definitely a lot of history and information at the museum, and I wish my husband and I were able to really read and enjoy the information that was available, but I didn’t feel that the museum was all that child friendly. Our main purpose of our trip was to check out the BUILD exhibit, which was all about Legos!


Target is offering Free Sundays in July at the Heard museum, so we decided to take them up on the offer, as the usual admission for one adult is $23. Ouch! However, the free Sundays do not include the Lego admission, which was five dollars each (for everyone in our family-so $25 dollars!!)

We arrived a little early so we walked around a bit. The entrance to the museum is a pretty far from the parking area, so if you have a little one who cannot walk far, you might want to bring a stroller. However, the museum is pretty tight in some spots, so a stroller may be difficult to push around without bumping into one another. I would not suggest bringing the double bob!


A beautiful statue with lots of reading material on the walls (Sorry, didn’t get a chance to read it!)


There are restrooms that open before the museum (phew!) and a gift shop, book store and sit down restaurant and coffee place. However, do not plan on bringing any drinks or food into the museum.


A very nice courtyard with seating for the restaurant (cafe as they call it) and fountains. Beware, the fountains are NOT child friendly as the kids can fall in and some of them do not have sides to them.


The restroom outside of the cafe had an area that you could change a baby in.


This is the entrance to the Lego part, which you have to wind through a pretty large part of the museum to get to. You have to buy your tickets at the front desk for the Lego admission, and you get stickers to put on (has a Lego Character) and you get very small slips of paper to hand to the person at the entrance of the Lego part.

I am going to speak very candidly here-I was terrified the kids were going to touch something they shouldn’t in the main part of the museum, and the Lego area was pretty disappointing. There wasn’t a lot of things for the kids to manipulate, at least for my children’s ages (almost 1, 2 and almost 5). There were a lot of staff who just seemed annoyed that there were children in the Lego area. And signs everywhere saying “Don’t climb, don’t stand” on displays that look like they should have been a lot of fun.


This was a computer that you were supposed to “make your own movie”. I have NO idea how this was supposed to work. I sat with Munchie for a few minutes and we got frustrated and walked away. There was some instructions posted next to the computer but they weren’t helpful.

IMG_3815 Bins of Legos for the kids to play with. Of course, it said not for children under age 3 to play with. It was kind of hard to keep kids away when its all at their height level and not higher up.


Yup, these bikes were made out of Legos, but were in glass cases.


There was a baby area, which was good for Dimples to be in, safely (and it looked like more fun than the rest of the area).


This was a lego made out of cars (glued on the front size, the other side you could walk behind). There were signs all over it not to step on, sit on, jump on it. I completely understand that it was a piece of art, but it was a place that was billed as “kid friendly” and it just was not.


There was a room off of the Lego area that looked like a multipurpose room. In here were a lot of lightweight, huge lego bricks, a movie playing, a floor mat for the kids and postcards kids could draw on. The postcards were extremely basic with the word “BUILD” on them that kids could color in (?! pretty boring) with markers that were provided. My kids had the most fun out of the whole experience in this room.


Dimples got to crawl around and Munchie watched the show while Giggles and I built with Legos. Not how I wanted to spend the morning, but what can you do?

A few other parents and I were exchanging looks that this just was not what we thought it would be. Although I think the museum is great, and this was a “try” (not sure what the relationship between the Heard museum and Legos is, other than to try and draw other people into the museum), I’d say its a huge pass unless you have older kids. My kids love to run, climb and jump, and that was not encouraged here, in fact, in writing everywhere it was to not do so. I completely understand that it is a museum and respect should be shown for the displays, however, I think that Lego exhibit was just not done right for the age group that I have. This seemed to be the same age group many other parents were bringing with them as well.

The Basics

The Heard Museum

2301 N Central Avenue
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