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Hall of Flame Phoenix


If you have a child that is all about fire trucks, fire fighting or anything of the sort, this is the museum for you!

If you have an older relative that is all about fire trucks, cars or just wants to know about history, this place is for them!


The Hall of Flame Museum is located near the zoo, which is super conveniently off of the 202 loop. Of course, I ended up getting off the wrong exit and went to the airport (bonus for my youngest who loves anything that goes). But we made it there!


Look for this sign!

The parking lot is big and off of the main street (which is off of Van Buren). The entrance is to the side, so if you have a wee one that is barely walking, I suggest a stroller.

I actually highly recommend this place for kiddos who are over 3 (that can listen to instructions) or babies that are content a stroller or a carrier. There is a lot of “Do Not Touch” in this museum that wouldn’t be good for kiddos who can’t stop touching. Also, no beverages or food allowed. I brought in my tea and kept it hidden in the store (they let me,  I swear!)




This is the building from the parking lot. The entrance is not the door you see in this picture, but around to the side of the building (there are signs).


There is a bell. but nothing to ring it with. Kids had fun touching it anyhow.


When you enter, you arrive in their gift shop and the admissions desk, which is a fire truck front. But, don’t climb the fire truck (so hard not to for the littles). The receptionist was very lovely and realized I had my wee ones with me, gave me a binder with all the information, and highlighted where we should go for the kids. There is one fire truck the kids can climb on (others are do not touch) and a kids play area (” The safe house”).

The bathroom had changing tables in the men’s and women’s room (it was multi stall!). A lot of signs.

This was the first Gallery. This is the area that is the biggest no touch zone. If you pull on the white chains they may come crashing down, I was warned. Eeek. My kids were pretty good, but littler ones may have a tough time with this.


In the second Gallery was the fire truck that you can climb on. It says “Miami” on the door (Miami Arizona, that is).

My kids had a blast playing on the fire truck! I think we were here for about 30 mins.


There were two benches to sit on if you wanted a rest. I didn’t quite trust my kiddos to not run off from the other side, so I stood. and, in the room behind this room honored all those who were killed in the line of duty. And a bell, that of course my kids wanted to ring and it says “Do Not Touch”.



Here is the bell.

In the next small room were some more horse drawn fire wagons (and a pretend horse too!)


We then headed to the Safety house in another gallery so that the kids could play some more.


This handy dandy map was very helpful for moms. It was in the binder of information that they gave me (you can actually read up on every single display in the museum). There are also things posted on the wall, but my kids don’t have time for that, ha ha ha!


This house had lots of old appliances (bolted closed for the most part) and other items to play with. Reminded me of my house in the 1980s! haha. It was neat, but some of the items were a little bit worn, like a seat in the play room and I cautioned my kid not to go on the pretend bed they had set up (not sure how often they wash those sheets!)


The “bedroom” in the Safety House.


The Kitchen-(The freezer door opened but the Refrigerator was screwed shut). The cabinet doors opened too.


Toy box full of trucks for the kids to play with!


A fireman cut out for pictures. And, see all those colorful spots on the wall behind the fireman? A collection of patches from all over!

There was this seating area which would be great for field trip groups to watch a movie. And, the patches! Lots of patches with loving care posted in all of these glass frames. There is a book in the room with a guide to where all the patches are from (they aren’t in any alphabetical order)


The kids LOVED playing in this little mini fire struck (It did not move) and getting dressed up. This was a lot of fun for them and they loved playing house and pretend!


Smokey the Bear was also lurking around the corner in the Natural Fires section (I almost screamed it scared me!!) haha.

We had a great time at the Hall of Flame! Kids under 5 are FREE, which was awesome for us! I do think its better suited for mature three year olds (or ones that can listen), but not kiddos that are runners and touchers! If you do bring them, I suggest getting to the two safe spaces-the Safety House and the Fire Truck!

The Basics

Hall of Flame

6101 East Van Buren Street, Phoenix

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