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Greenway Family Dental

Dental Health is vitally important to your overall wellbeing, and Greenway Family Dental in Surprise is ready to take care of you with the latest technology.

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Greenway Family Dental can take care of cleanings to same day crowns. Doctors Dallas Steele and Radhika Rawal know that many patients have anxiety when it comes to dental appointments, and want to make the process smooth with as few return visits as possible.

Whole Family Dental Services

Parents often ask when a first dental visit should occur- and this is up to the parent but Greenway Family Dental sees patients as young as 2 years old! Most children are seen every 6 months. Dr. Steele has children of his own and is very familiar with children, and Dr Rawal has seen many children throughout her practice and speaks fluent Farsi and Spanish. Parents are invited to come back during their children’s exam.

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Greenway Family Dental provides regular cleanings and hygiene maintenance. They work with most insurance companies.

Same Day Crowns

Greenway Family Dental also has the latest in dental technology available at their office to help facilitate fewer dental visits for their patients. With a CEREC machine, Greenway Family Dental can offer same day crown fittings for patients who need this service. With other dentist offices, a temporary crown might need to be placed, then a permanent crown made at a laboratory and sent back for placement days later. The CEREC machine can produce a crown within fifteen minutes.

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Dental Implants

If you are dealing with tooth loss, dentures may not be your only option. Greenway Family Dental offers implants that can permanently placed. This acts like an original tooth, giving the patient the ability to eat foods as if it were a true tooth. There is no removal of teeth to clean nightly or weekly. This can all be done at Greenway Family Dental without having to go to an additional specialist.


If you are an adult that would love to fix your smile, Greenway Family Dental can help you! TruAlign is a clear aligner that goes over your teeth to straighten your smile.

Other Services

Greenway Family Dental can also diagnose sleep apnea through medical interviews and prescribe breathing machines, which was a surprise to me! When this occurs, the dentist at Greenway Family Dental will refer to a sleep center for a sleep study. They can also treat TMJ and teeth grinding too!

The Basics

Greenway Family Dental

15409 W Greenway Rd Suite #100 Surprise, AZ

(623) 900-1403

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