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Greenway Auction

Are you looking for a great way to save money on items that you want or need? Greenway Auction is THE local online Auction site to find the best deals on items that you have seen in stores.

If you have ever thought “I’ll buy that item when it goes on sale” and then it disappears? Well, this is now your chance! Do you know what happens when items aren’t sold at stores or are returned? Third party buyers, like Greenway Auction purchases them in bulk and resell them to buyers at great discounts!

If you have felt locked up by the pandemic and have wanted to peruse the aisles of your favorite stores looking for a good deal, Greenway Auctions is now going to be your favorite site. You can buy something online and pick it up the very next day. No need to go into the store; they will deliver the items right to your car! This is the perfect opportunity to get a little “mom vacay” out of the house, pick up a coffee or a treat and have a few minutes to listen to a podcast, music or…even go with the kids in the car too! No mask needed for pick up as its all delivered right to your car.

Now you can find the items that you were looking for at the store at an awesome discount!

Greenway Auction is only available in Arizona and it offers a large discount on Brand New Items. These items are overstock from Amazon and Costco. These are items that have either gone through clearance or have been returned and weren’t used. Items are only allowed to be on a shelf for a short amount of time, and sometimes they don’t sell in that amount of time. So, they go to clearance! And, sometimes people can’t find those good deals in the store. Now, you have the opportunity to snag a great deal on Greenway Auction!

You pick up the items, which saves you money! There is no shipping available (which saves money for all buyers!) The pick up area is 59th Avenue and Greenway. From the day you put in your bid and it is accepted, you have 7 days to pick it up. And, there is a 7 day return policy, with no questions asked! No risk involved!

Our readers can also snag an Extra 15% off this October with code Surpriseazmom

There are going to be a lot of great deals, perfect for the upcoming holiday season. There will be toys and lots of other great surprises, so you will want to check back to the site daily!

The Basics

Greenway Auction

59th and Greenway

  • pick up only
  • 7 days from approved bid to pick up item
  • 7 days no question return
  • great deals on fantastic items
  • 15% off discount for Surprise AZ Mom readers in October 2020

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