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Grand Canal Linear Park-Glendale

A few weeks ago, I ran a race while pushing my youngest two in my Dualie Bob. The Grand Canal Linear Park is close to the Linear Trail, which is really nice. There is one side of the canal that is paved, which is great for people on rollerblades, but there is also another side that is unpaved and gravel. I read that people ride horses, and also there are races on this side! Our race used the gravel side which was pretty smooth except for a few spots where there was erosion. I would not necessarily have had my children (my two youngest) loose on either side of the canal as there are no fences and steep inclines to the water.

However, the playground and Splash Pad is far from the canal and was amazing. We were up very early the day of the race so the pictures are a little dark. There was no splash pad playing as it was November and about 50 degrees the morning we ran.


There were lots of slides for big kids and little kids


A nice ramp to get to everything. Dimples shows here how accessible it is to young crawlers! However, when the playscape is wet, it is kind of dirty. Poor kid had really messy jammies after this!


IMG_5127And nice slides for the little ones!


Monkey bars for the big kids, or monkeys in your life!


A nice little area to do dramatic play!


All of the ramps-Very easy access for little ones!


And a nice shaded area that had a rock climbing feature!


There were also swings for both babies and big kids.




And animals to climb on.


The speakers are one of my oldest, Munchies’ favorite things to do. I remember using cups and a string as a kid, but this is high tech!



And there is even a nice looking splash pad. But, if you go in the summer I highly recommend wearing water shoes as this was cement underneath, not the rubber ground covering.

The park also had a number of Ramadas and a lot of green space, as well as walking paths that lead to the canal. There are no bathrooms at this park, which was a little daunting before a race. There is a 7-11 nearby, at the¬†south east corner of Camelback and 75th. The clerk was pretty nice with letting us use the bathroom, but we did buy something to thank him for the use of the bathroom. It wasn’t the grandest of bathrooms, nor was it kid friendly, but it had the necessities.

IMG_5135Here is my crew before we ran the race! They were great cheerleaders during the run.

The Basics

Grand Canal Linear Park

Grand Canal Linear Park
75th Avenue and Camelback west to 97th Avenue and Bethany Home Road
Parking available just north of Camelback on 75th Avenue.
Open 6 a.m. to 10 p.m., Daily


This park includes:
Climbing Features, Covered Playground, Greenspace, Ramadas, Rock Climbing Wall, Sandbox, Slides, Splashpad, Swings, Toddler Friendly, Walking Paths

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