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Granada Park Phoenix

Granada park in North Central Phoenix is amazing with two cute fishing ponds, a playground and sidewalks for walking. If you are looking for a lot of great greenspace, this is also a lovely area to check out.

I personally love driving down the 51 and checking out the beautiful landscape around this area. It is just such a different topography than the 10 and 101 in Tempe. It is amazing how different our peaks are all around Phoenix (and it is a great thing to talk about with your kids! Why do you think the rock formations are different?)

Granada Park is located at 6505 N 20th Street in Phoenix. It has its own off street parking. Unfortunately, the playground is pretty far from the parking lot. That may be a plus or a minus, depending on your child’s age. There are also two ponds (sorry, I cannot call them lakes) with two small bridges. If you have wanderers, this may not be the park for you!

The ponds do have markings that clearly state there is no swimming, however, my children saw people taking a dip in February! Don’t do this. It is not filtered properly and will mostly likely get you sick.

Birds are all around and my kids also found some lovely duck and goose eggs! It was neat to see!

granada park phoenix park

The playground has shade sails. Jana from Phoenix with Kids and I met at this park (our kids get along very well together and we both homeschool) and we were talking about the “shadiness” of this park. I had seen on a description of playground equipment that this is called shade sails, so this is what I stick with when I see this parks. I don’t feel that this is a shaded park because the whole structure is not shaded.

granada park phoenix

Baby swings and big kid swings were available. And sand. I know this is a killer for some parents. I prefer sand! But, I truly wish that shades were over swings. Especially for baby swings.

granada park phoenix wall

A fun rock wall maze. This was a huge hit.

Toddler fun at Granada Park

toddler playscape

A toddler playscape with the shade sails. This is where the shading really maters. The shade sails aren’t covering where the booty lands, and you really need the shade to go over the slides!

I did see a cute little cricket (?) or grasshopper bouncy. I have to say it was the first one I have ever seen. Super cute. There were also more swings to the side of this playscape.

A few benches surrounded the park, but none were in the shade!

There was some rubber matting, but mostly sand throughout. And, there is a LOT of sand!

Big kids fun at Granada Park

Big kids playscape granada park

The big kids playscape had a very long slide that was slow, Dimples told me. But, there were numbers in English and Spanish, so my kids practiced their Spanish!

The shade sails once again didn’t go over the bum parts! There were a lot of great climbing obstacles.

My kids are big into monkey bars right now! So, that’s where they were hanging out. And hanging out with all the palm trees!

The greenspace was huge and there is a bathroom (with stall doors, because not all Phoenix bathrooms have them!). There wasn’t much shaded seating unfortunately, so I recommend you bring your own foldable chairs. Many different types of trees are all around the park and our kids loved checking out the different kids, picking up branches and climbing and exploring around the park.

This is a great park if you have one toddler and older kids, toddlers that don’t go too far, or bigger kids!

The Basics

Granada Park

6505 N 20th St, Phoenix, AZ 85016

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