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Glow Putt Mini Golf Scottsdale

When you are a mom, birthdays can be a trap. What do you do on your birthday when you have young kids? You go mini golfing! I am not a great golfer. If you read my post about TopGolf, you’ll realize that golf is not even one of my most favorite things to do. However, it was another hot summer in day in the valley, and I was yearning to get out of the house!

Glow Putt Mini Golf is located far on the other side of the valley at 9160 E Shea Blvd #110 in Scottsdale. Luckily on their website they post that they are behind a Bank of America, which is a great landmark. They are on the bottom level of this complex, and its pretty much impossible to see it from the road and even from the parking lot.

We came from 92nd Street instead of E Shea Blvd, which was a brilliant idea from our GPS, which is usually not all that bright!

E Shea Blvd has a median in the middle of the road, so we would have had to turn onto 92nd Street and then turn into the plaza. So, for once, our GPS brought us the right way the first time.

There is always a first time!

Be Prepared for the Dark!

Glow Putt Mini Golf is all in the dark, but the atmosphere is very lively! There are teeny tiny putters for the littlest golfers and putters for adults as well. The staff was super accommodating. They even stored my purse so I wouldn’t have to whack it around with me. The staff gave out golf balls that were numbered (because, colors don’t matter in the dark!) A little clipboard with score chart was given to us as a necklace. My husband wore it proudly.

There are 18 holes, some more challenging than others. About every other hole was a “Charging” station for the golf balls to keep them glowing!

glow putt and giggles

Daddy and Giggles make a shadow in the Glow putt and the kids play with their glow balls on the “field”.

glow putt mini golf spinner

One of the awesome holes made you spin to see if you would be punished with a doubling of your score or worse! I got to “putt” with my feet! I did really well on this hole. HA!

glow putt mini golf

A good scenic view of the many of the holes!

Birthday Parties

There was a room for parties. I didn’t take a picture as there was a party going on as we were there. It was a large room with a television for parents/non players who wanted to hang out.

There were two bathrooms near the party room. I’m not exactly sure the reason they keep it locked? It was a bit confusing! You have to go to the front desk to get the key, which is far from the bathroom. If you have little ones, you might want to keep this in mind before playing. There is one women’s room and one men’s room.

Glow Putt Mini Golf is a really fun time and they have a incentive plan if you put in your phone number for frequent customers. While we were there, there was a birthday party, some teens, some twenty year olds and you could tell the place was a great change of pace for people. Sometimes it is great to be in the dark in sunny Arizona!

The Basics

Glow Putt Mini Golf

9160 E Shea Blvd #110

Scottsdale, AZ

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