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Glendale Heroes Splash Pad

If you are thinking I already posted about this Glendale Heroes Park, well, it is somewhat true. I did post about the park before the splash pad was open, but we went back to see just the splash pad this time.

Before I show any pictures, which I will put in a handy dandy slide show for you, I will tell you one, big epic mom fail I had with this park. I assumed that it opened at 10am. The splashpad is locked and gets turned on at about 1030 (I hope its just to pump out hot water and cool down the cement, because otherwise it’s wasting a lot of water), but you can’t get in until 11. We got to the park, in our bathing suits, at 940. Gah!! So, 11am it is. Just in case you didn’t know.

There is seating around the inside of the gate for parents, and in the morning it was mostly shaded, but beware, you could get wet and the water does pool up to a few inches in places.

The water is chlorinated, you can really smell it. There are two gate entrances, and there are bathrooms accessible. It’s a nice park and a nice splashpad and wasn’t too busy on a Saturday morning.


The Basics

Glendale Heroes Park

83rd and Bethany Home Road, Glendale

Splash Pad open 11am-8pm



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