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Glendale Heroes Park-Glendale

Update to Glendale Heroes Park 2018!

We love going back to a park and seeing that there is more than meets the eye! The further (southeast) part of the park isn’t visible from the road, but has a HUGE ramada area, beautiful bathrooms, volleyball courts and more play areas that are shaded.

Beautiful Ramada area with Grills, and lots of trash cans. They want to make sure that you don’t litter! These ramadas are very similar to Rio Vista.

This wonderful topsy turvey climby play area really kept all the kids monkeying around on a grey and cloudy day. There was also a zip line (hand held), in the background. There was also a very nice bathroom behind this play area, closer to the parking lot.

This bathroom seemed much nicer than the one near the splashpad! I really thought that Glendale Heroes Park was much better laid out than Rio Vista for the ramada area.

Big kid swings, with some on mulch and some on rubber.

Another climber, a bit close to the parking lot.

This neat climber was further in from the parking lot and had some interesting obstacles. Good for the 5+ crowd!

And an adorable dramatic play ship scape, teeter totter, spinny chair, baby swings all under a shade! WOO hoo for shade (even on a cloudy day, it kept us dry!


I really enjoyed this part of the park and am glad we made it back! It was not very busy on a cloudy weekday, but I can imagine it can get very busy in peak weekends. This part of the park is southeast of the other part and requires going around two roundabouts. It’s a little bit awkward getting there, but absolutely worth it!

We stopped by the Glendale Heroes Park on Bethany Home Road and 83rd Avenue in Glendale. Unfortunately for us, the Splashpad was not on quite yet, but we were able to take advantage of the beautiful and relatively cool day to stop by the shaded park to play.





There was a nice small toddler play area for Dimples to go on. It was also further from the parking lot.


There were also some baby swings, but unfortunately one had a lot of bird poop in it. It’s also not shaded, so we passed on using the swings (plus I want my children to run run run at the park)!


The Toddler area had lots of platforms for the little ones to climb. Dimples loves following big brother Munchie around.


IMG_7200There was also this climbing contraption which can also be found at Heritage Park in Marley Park. I’m not really sure if you are supposed to climb on the left or slide down it, but my kids choose both!


Here is one of the climbing features for the big kids, but Dimples was easily able climb up it.


Here is the little rock wall area as well.

The park also has mulch ground cover, but they day we were there there was a lot of glass on the ground, which was very disappointing. The splash pad was closed, but looked like it would be fun. There are also bathrooms at the park, a skateboard area and ramadas.


The “big kids” playground was more for the low elementary kids, but didn’t really challenge my 5 year old. He is quite the monkey however. My kids had fun and we loved that it was covered. The parking lot is very close to the playground and 83rd Ave isn’t too far from the playground if you have a good runner. There is a basketball court that is very close to 83rd we well.

The splash pad area is completely fenced in which will be great once it opens, which I believe is May 1st.


This park includes:
Basketball Courts, Covered Playground, Restroom Changing Table, Skate Park, Splashpad, Toddler Friendly, Volleyball Courts



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