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Gilbert Regional Park

Gilbert Regional Park just opened this September (2019). However, there are still more parts to be opened ( a lake an amphitheater) in 2020 if all goes well.

However, the park is amazing as it is now. And, it is super busy. If you have more than one little kid, this might be a park where you would want to have a tag team.

Google Maps (as of October 2019) does not have it on the map completely updated. If you are using an older GPS, it may not route you the correct way.

If you are trying to enter the park, your best route is to enter off of either East Queen Creek Road or off of South Higley Rd.

regional park sign gilbert

My husband is modeling the sign. He is laughing at two different Items on the Gilbert Regional Park sign:

-Unreasonable noise (ummm, there are children here! What are we talking about)

-Hot air balloons

I guess no hot air balloons can crash at this park. Got it? Ok, moving right along!


The Gilbert Regional Park splashpad is HUGE! I love it. And, it was gated. YEHAW. Except, the gates didn’t really latch well, so. We will give it two and a half stars. The latches weren’t self latching, but it was a try. There were some shades, but a few more could have been amazing.

gilbert regional splashpad

There were all sorts of fancy dumping sprays and even a few lights on the splaspad for nighttime use! And, the bathrooms were right nearby too. Bathrooms were single stalls. The sinks were outside the bathrooms stalls.

splashpad and tower overview

The palm trees might give a little extra shade on the splashpad in the future, but you can tell they were recently planted. The palms were still very stiff and upright. My kiddos didn’t play in the splashpad so we focused more on the playground. However, we were kicking ourselves for not bringing their bathing suits because it was warm. There were TONS of different features in the grown and to jump through and play around!

You can also see the playground tower in the background. It kind of reminded me of Disneyworld!

A bridge was available to walk over or under to get to the tower, or you could climb up different ways to the tower. The kids LOVED climbing up the fake grass to the tower. I’ll warn you, walking up it in flipflops is hard, but there is an accessible, zig zag path to go up with strollers or wheelchairs.

gilbert tower

There are blue bubbles for the kids to use to climb up the hill, and rocks nobs to climb up the wall. Or, try the harder way and climb up the turf, which many kids tried! There were three slides that went from partially up the hill to partially down the hill (orange slide on the left, blue slide on the right and then a gray open slide).

gray slide

The gray slide was a quick, fun, concrete slide that went partially down the hill. It was surrounded by gummy walkways for kids to walk up.

Underneath the bridge was a cool little spot with a little swing area and a bench. Unfortunately, it wasn’t a shady spot when we went. The top picture above shows a small rock wall. The bottom left picture is the smaller tots area.

Top of the hill gilbert regional park

At the top of the hill was the tower that kids could climb in. There were all types of ropes inside. I didn’t climb inside (this time) since there were a lot of little ones.

gilbert tower

Another angle shows the ropes inside. This tower also leads to the long, orange slide that goes down the hill.

A grey slide for smaller ones comes from the tower, and further down is a blue tunnel slide similar to the orange slide!

At the top of the hill, but not visible from the bottom of the hill, are the ziplines and swings. One zipline has a full seat and one is just a little paddle seat.

You can see Giggles taking off on the Zipline. I love that both ends have a platform for the kids to jump on and off.

The "bra swing"

There were quite a few swings at the end of the zipline. Some of the swings were great for kids with special needs and then, there was the two person “bra swing” as one of my readers lovingly called it when we reviewed Goodyear Wildflower Park North.

Let’s head back to the bottom of the hill to talk about the toddler/smaller kids area.

little hill gilbert regional park

There were mini versions of the big hills for kids to climb up. Lots of fake grass, so be careful of the hot sun and the bums!

I think this was one of my favorite spots int he park, and my kids as well. This spot in the park had a very outdoor, rural, hopping over a brook feeling. My kids, and many others really loved balancing on the log and going down the slides. The tot lot area wasn’t fenced or separated, but did seem like it will be more shaded in the future with the trees and the shade sails.

The little butt rollers slide was also available, and may other slides.

This park was very well thought out and had so many different aspects to it that made it a very fun, family friendly park.

That being said, if you have multiple children that are small, you may lose your mind keeping track of them. I highly, highly suggest having a lot of parents, grandparents or helpers keep an eye on them. Especially once the lake is put in. I think this is going to be an amazing place to be, but it is also quite a large park already and the the places for kids to run and get lost already is very high. Even in the “gated” splashpad area, the gates were not very efficient and didn’t work very well.

So, if you are a parent who has multiple little ones that wander, you may want to have one on one offense and defense!

The Basics

Gilbert Regional Park

3005 E Queen Creek Rd, Gilbert, AZ 85298

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