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Gila River Arena

Gila River Arena in Glendale is conveniently located near Westgate Shopping and Entertainment District, Tanger Outlets and the State Farm Stadium (Where the Arizona Cardinals Play).

Gila River Arena is best known for the Coyotes NHL team, but they also offer many different concerts and shows throughout the year. We went to see a Coyotes game, which was very family friendly.

Before going to the Gila River Arena, make sure you are familiar with where to park. Parking is available 2 and a half hours prior to the event start time and fees range from ten dollars and up. Parking at Westgate and Tanger Outlets may have a fee on game days too, so do not count on parking there for free and walking. There is limited reserved event parking and disabled parking as well. Here is the Parking Map for your reference.


Gila Bend Arena

Because of the Rules of Gila River Arena, I was unable to bring in my good camera, so excuse my cell phone pictures ūüôā

Be prepared for a metal detector and pocketbook search as well. Each concert may have specific rules, so make sure that you check the site for specific rules, but you can find the code of conduct rules  online. (what not to bring). Strollers are a no, but we did see some great babywearing parents!

There are many seating options at Gila River Arena. While the seating arrangements may change depending on the show and the arrangement of the production, we went to a hockey game where seating was available throughout the stadium, but obviously no floor seating. There are skyboxes, seating up in the “nosebleeds”, and seats close to the ice too. You can find all the seating options at on the Premium seating¬†or through the events listing to see the details of each event as the seat availability might change depending on the event.

Are you hungry or thirsty?

No need to worry! You won’t walk more than 100 feet without reaching some sort of concession stand! While the variety may change depending on the event, hot dogs, popcorn, nachos, and pretzels seem to be standard fare. Water, Sodas, Beer and Wine also seem to be pretty standard as well, with varieties possibly changing out depending on the sponsor of the event. No matter what the event, I am sure you won’t go hungry or thirsty.

However, with all that eating and drinking, you are sure to need something else-The bathroom!

I was happy to see something else readily available-Huge restrooms! Although there were some waits during the break in periods (hockey), there were large bathrooms about 400 feet from each other.

women's bathroom gila river

Stalls were in one section and then the sinks were in another.

And, I was super excited to see that there was a changing station with a sink right next to it in each of the bathrooms.

baby changing stations gila river arena

Also available next to section 106 is a Mother’s Nursing lounge.

mother's lounge gila river arena

Looking for some memorabilia from your visit? Well, there are definitely some shopping opportunities as well! Check out the merchandise shops too. Of course, we were there during a Coyotes game, but these can change out for the different concerts as well

Since we went during a hockey game, we saw the floor layout different than you might during a concert. We sat in section 110, which provided great views for the game. The seats were comfortable and had cup holders as well.

Gila River Arena

Gila Rivera

There are lots of seating options. Ushers are available to help you find your seats at each deck. We were off of deck 100. There is also the 200 seats, which are accessed off of the 100s deck. Elevators and escalators take guests up to those decks.

We had an amazing time at Gila River Arena and can’t wait to go back for our next event! Which events have you enjoyed?

The Basics

Gila River Arena

9400 W Maryland Avenue, Glendale AZ


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