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Giggles Chandler

Giggles in Chandler is a new and amazing indoor play place for the 6 and under crowd.

Dimples and I headed there while the two older kids were involved in a camp, and I literally had to pull him out of the door! He had such an amazing time.

The owner had an established play place in California and moved here with his two children who inspired Giggles. As he said to me, “What my kids want, I made”. And, you can tell that his kids are very wise when it comes to play!

Giggles Chandler

Giggles is located at the corner of Alma School Rd and Elliot Road in Chandler-easily accessible from West Mesa. There is a Planet Fitness, Burger King and Bank of America in the same shopping plaza as well.

Socks are required at Giggles, so make sure you bring some or some are available for purchase. The entire floor is covered with a rubbery surface. There is an area for shoes. I brought my pocketbook with me, but some other customers left their diaper bags in the cubbies. Outside food is allowed, but must be kept in the dining area.

dining and party rooms giggles

The photos on the left are the dining areas for general use and the photos on the right are the party room. Both rooms have kid and adult sized seating, and more cubbies that also block off the area between the seating and playing areas. There is some seating in the play areas, but it is limited.

kitche area giggles

A microwave, coffee maker and sink were available in the dining area, as well as one of two bathrooms in Giggles. Also, there is a diaper changing area that is seperate from the bathrooms (with a diaper genie for stinky diapers) and a lovely nursing area.

toddler area giggles

The Toddler area was open to the larger play areas and more towards the back of Giggles. In the toddler area was the beautiful nursing room-perfect for little ones who might need a rest and respite from the fun.

All the way in the back was the other bathroom. Both bathrooms in Giggles also had stepstools for the sink and potty chairs to put on the toilet.

trampoline giggles

This wonderful trampoline was a favorite of Dimples. The kids really had fun bouncing on this. Make sure you watch your little ones on here so there are no bumped heads!

House and teepee giggles

Around the house and teepee was a track, which Dimples loved using the plasma cars. We have one in our house and he whizzes by in it. It was good to have it at Giggles (we call it a Scoot in our house.)

Giggles also has play scapes, inside! Two of my favorites was a tree house (which had cool hammocks underneath for kids to swing in. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a picture of Dimples because so many kids loved using them!), and the house. The house was pretty much a framed house with two by fours so it was see through, but kids felt like it was a house.

I loved the two different large play scapes. One was great for the older toddlers and young preschoolers, and the other was great for the older kids.

toddler play scape giggles

The play scapes even had little hideouts and caves for the kids to hang out, play and pretend. So, if you can’t find a child-they might be here. Doesn’t it look so cozy!?

The larger playscape at Giggles even had a tube slide! How fun is this? Right by the larger playscape was also a couch that backed up to the front window.

large playscape giggles

There is really so much to do at Giggles in Chandler that your kids will have a blast. We unfortunately had to leave to pick up our older kids at camp, but Dimples couldn’t get enough. I loved watching him play and pretend at all the different stations (including a market-not pictured). I loved the details and can tell the owner is an amazing dad who listens well to what his kids want!

The Basics

Giggles Chandler

2988 N Alma School Rd Suite 2-Chandler



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