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Getting older means having favorite (comfortable) clothes

When I was a kid, I had a few favorite shirts and then there were the clothes that didn’t feel good or made me feel a little itchy.

By the time I was a teen, fashion and style sort of became important. I wanted to impress people. I had my own style. But, I didn’t always go for comfort. Comfort was secondary to looking my best.

Now that I’m an adult, comfort really is important. Critically important. So important that fashion often takes a headdive into a kamikaze state of crud.

So, if you were looking for fashion advice on this blog, you have obviously come to the wrong person. I often am wearing free t-shirts that I have received at conferences. And, I only wear them if the are comfortable.

Comfort. Absolutely, positively comfortable.

The issue I have with clothing is I often find clothes to be comfortable and want to get more of the same style, but they are completely gone by the time I realize they are comfortable. I once bought three pairs of the same jeans because I quickly realized they were comfortable. Unfortunately, they all ripped in the crotch the same week. I cried. A good pair of jeans is worth crying about. My husband finds this all completely ridiculous, but men’s clothing is just different. It’s easier. Their bodies don’t do the weird things women’s bodies do!

T-shirts. T-shirts also irk me. Women’s tees sometimes come down too low for me or they have the cap sleeve which make my semi muscular arms look like bingo wings (thank you Damon from Shark Tank for that reference).

The most comfortable I feel nowadays is shorts, tshirt, no bra, no make up and just hanging out. I know, it’s not the socially acceptable norm. I paint my face (as my kids say), put on a restrictive undergarment that makes me want to tear someones face off by the end of the day. I plop on some clothes (that’s what my husband says) on top of said restrictive undergarments to hide them. Then I restrict my toesies into sweat factories for a few hours and hope that they have fun as a family in a restrictive zone.

Are you a Comfort-ista or a Fashionista?

Comfort is king. And, as many of my friends say, they have “door pants” or a “Door bra”, so that if someone comes to ring the bell or drop by without notice, they can “plop on” these items so they don’t look terribly uncivilized. Are you a heathen like I am who would like to let their toesies run free?

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