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Gecko Garage Doors

Do you need a new garage door? Need help with a current garage door that is broken, damaged or needs repair? No worries! Gecko Garage Doors, located in Surprise, has 26 years of experience and is here to help you in the west valley with all your garage needs.

Gecko Garage Doors is a family owned business. They help customers find the best solution for their garage door issues. Whether its selecting a newer, prettier garage door to accent a home or replacing a door after an accident, Gecko Garage Doors knows how to handle functionality and aesthetics to make sure their customers are safe.

Gecko Garage Doors also is Liftmaster Dealer, If you are looking to replace an aging garage door opener that isn’t working, give them a call. Gecko Garage Doors has also been helping new build buyers save money by installing garage door openers!

Gecko Garage Doors is open Monday-Saturday and can help with selecting a new garage door, fixing an old door, adding a camera to your Liftmaster Garage door opener, adding timers to your garage door to have it close and making it more secure.

Another great feature to add to your home is an easy open garage. If your power should go out (and your garage door opener would not work) you could have an easy release for your garage door. This would allow you to get your car out of the garage easily! Garage doors are very heavy, but with this added on, you could open your door with one hand and drive your car out safely! Ask Gecko Garage Doors for more information!

If you have any garage door Emergencies, give Gecko Garage Doors a call. Plus, they will also come out for a free inspection and free estimate as well.

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