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Gateway Park Splashpad-El Mirage

The remodel of the Gateway Park splashpad in El Mirage is awesome. The splashpad was remodeled. in the same space as the old splashpad.

The new splashpad is interactive and has so many fun pieces to it!

The parking for the splashpad and Gateway Park is off El Mirage Road and is across from the Police station. You can check out our review of the rest of the park here.

The splashpad continuously ran, but I’m guessing this might be how to turn it on if it was not on.

Three tunnels to run through with water jets were a perfect place to cool off on a hot day.

This water jet on the ground kept surprising my kids. It would turn on and off and my kids would run by it and get splashed in the face. I loved seeing their faces! HA HA HA HA! On the opposite side of the splash pad there was another jet coming out of the ground that did the same thing.

The Water spinner was lots of fun! Kids could spin this around and spurt water all over! The kids loved turning it round and round.

The pole to the left of Giggles was awesome too. Listen closely to hear it fill up with water and then watch it spurt out water!

The best part is the water tower! The water tower just dribbled a little water at first.

And then, a huge deluge of water came out. Dimples was screaming in delight. I knew that the water tower was the best part of the Gateway Park Splashpad!

There was also a little “mushroom” that we didn’t really detail. I didn’t have much to say about that!

Parent Advice

If you are looking to stay dry while your kids play at the splashpad, I don’t recommend sitting on the benches that surround the splashpad. You will get wet if you sit on the benches. Bring a chair to set up behind the cement walls and maybe an umbrella or shade. The shade areas are pretty small.

The bathrooms are also FAR on the other side of the park-by the skate park, so make sure your kiddos use the bathroom before you leave home or maybe use the bathroom before going to the splashpad. It is a pretty far walk for little ones. That is a bummer about the splashpad and this park. Otherwise I LOVE what they did with this splashpad. It is a really nice upgrade and it is super fun for the kids!

The Basics

Gateway Park El Mirage

10100 N El Mirage Rd

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