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Fun things to do in your backyard!

Are you looking for some fun things to do outside with your kids that don’t require a lot of prep work or leaving your house?

Here is a great list of things to do that will keep you and your kids occupied in your own backyard.

  • Water Balloons- Who doesn’t like water balloons on a hot day? I Love the Bunch of Balloons that are already tied. While they do cost a little bit more, they are worth it because it lessens the time in prep.
  • DIY Soda Beach Ball Bowling Game Use cans as bowling pins and a beach ball to make your own bowling alley.
  • Make a treasure hunt/scavenger hunt for your kids. Hide things in places for your kids to find. It’s even better if you use toys they haven’t played with in a while!
  • Spy. Have kids spy on each other and write down what they see.
  • Make a pinata
  • Red light Green Light Game
  • Have a Sponge Ball war
  1. Use scissors to cut the sponge into equal pieces lengthwise. Repeat with the other two sponges. …
  2. Lay the strips on top of each other in three layers, in equally numbered layers. …
  3. Cinch the layers tightly across the middle with a rubberband or hair elastic.
  4. Shape into a ball by fluffing the pieces outward.
  • Golf with Balloons and pool noodles
  • SPUD-Players each get a number depending on how many are playing. Players form a circle around the “it” person. The “it” person throws a ball in the air and calls out one of the players’ numbers. That player must run and grab the ball; in the meantime, everyone spreads out. Once the player grabs the ball,everyone including them must freeze; they must then throw the ball and try to hit someone. If they miss, they’re now “it.” If they hit someone, that person is “it.”  Once you are “it” you gain the letter S. If you already have an S you get the letter P, and so on. Once you reach SPUD, you are out of the game. To spice up the game, try calling two numbers at once.
  • Use Squirt Guns to race Plastic cups down the a line
  • Propel toy cars with squirt guns on a sidewalk
  • Fill water balloons with Water, cornstarch and food coloring to make splatter paint bombs.
  • Make a Ninja Warrior Course
  • Train your dog
  • Bird watching or bird spying
  • Do science experiments outside. Some of our favorites are actually making a playdough out of hair conditioner and baking soda. It feels really nice but makes a mess!
  • Learn to jungle. Tennis balls are great or soft t-balls
  • Four square or two square
  • Make your own “Angry Birds”
  • Make your own outdoor fort

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