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Fun things to do in Peoria!

Peoria Arizona encompasses such a LARGE amount of space and has so many amazing things to offer. If you live, work or have visited Peoria, you know that there are tons of different things to see and do. Here are just a few things to do, but ones we feel you should definitely check out!

Inside places in Peoria

She’s Crafty Boutique

kids at she's crafty

Located At Lake Pleasant Parkway and North Fletcher Way, She’s Crafty is a great mix of adult and kid! With adult classes, kids crafts and shopping, She’s Crafty is a Pinterest lover’s dream. There is a lot of different things going on, so you will want to check out their classes and hours for the most up to date offerings.

Jumper’s Jungle

Jumper's Jungle peoria
Jumper’s Jungle Peoria

Located at Olive and the 101, Jumper’s Jungle is a great place to hold birthday parties for your excited toddler, preschooler and early elementary kid! Jumper’s Jungle in Peoria also offers open play times, and a separate adult area for lounging and relaxing too, plus they just added Virtual Reality games for older siblings who come along.

Pump it Up Peoria

pump it up peoria

Located in Peoria at 101 and Thunderbird, Pump it Up is another great place to have birthday parties for energetic kids! With two different party rooms, Pump it up has many different blow up attractions for kids to get out energy. They also host open bounce times as well.

Uptown Jungle Peoria

Uptown Jungle in Peoria

Uptown Jungle is great for Tots through teens, and parents as well. No matter what the weather may bring, Uptown Jungle will be able to give your kiddos a place to run out their energy and enjoy some unplugged fun in their multi level play areas and trampolines.

peoria sports complex baseball splash pad

Peoria Sports Complex

The Spring Baseball training area in Peoria is not only awesome because it hosts the San Diego Padres and the Seattle Mariners, but it also has this awesome playground and splashpad. If you have little ones that might like baseball but can’t sit the whole game, the Peoria Sports complex has this perfectly set up for you. Plus, mom and dad can still keep an eye on the game while having an eye on the kids at the playground!

ape index peoria climbing walls

Ape Index Peoria

No, this isn’t the indoor Grand Canyon, it is Ape Index, an Indoor Climbing gym on the West side of the valley. With tons of different challenges, Ape Index will have you rocking away to tons of different boulders that are awaiting to push you to your limits.

Rush Fun Park Peoria

Rush Fun Park is the newest play place to enter the scene! With a huge two story toddler area, and three stories of play area for the rest of the kids, Rush has an area for kids of all ages.

Looking for a great date night or something for your older kids? Check out Modern Round? If you are a novice shooter or even an expert, you might love Modern Round as a place to practice shooting without the recoil or cost of ammunition.

A few favorite parks in Peoria

Are you looking for a few good places to play outside? Well, we have done TONS of research over the years and have some great parks for you!

Scotland Yard Park

Scotland Yard Park

This park is a little bit southwest of Grand and the 101 and probably is off the beaten track of many people. However, I LOVED this park. There is a dog park and it really was a gem in the rough of an industrial area. With bathrooms and shade, this is one to check out and be a little more adventurous.

Apache Park Peoria

Apache Park Peoria

This awesome park located in the Arrowhead area of Peoria has tons of great features for the little kids and the big kids. With lots of green space and bathrooms too, this park is a definite one to check out for your climbers!

Kiwanis Park Peoria
watch out!!

Kiwanis Park Peoria

Kiwanis Park in Peoria is another one that is off the beaten trail but has an incredible zipline feature that is so fun, for adults and kids, that it is worth traveling for. The rest of the park has some fun features too. There are also tennis courts and green space, but the Zipline is really the coolest feature!

pioneer park

Pioneer Park Peoria

Pioneer Park in Peoria has an awesome playground, tons of ball fields, bathrooms and of course, this great shaded splash playground. With shaded ramadas and even a small urban fishing lake, this park is one of the top in the valley (and it does get crowded!). Make sure you wear a bathing suit!

Palo Verde Park

Palo verde park peoria

Palo Verde Park in Peoria has a lovely playground, restrooms, trails and even archaeological ruins! So, your playdate can also be historical too!

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