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Friendship Park Splash Pad-Avondale

Friendship Park in Avondale recently got a huge makeover, and it is absolutely fantastic!

Easily accessible from McDowell Rd and I10 (yes, you can even see I-10 from the park and vice versa), this park has the freshness the area needed, and a splashpad that was really needed (the closest one to Avondale was Goodyear Community Park.



Friendship Park has a lake (with geese and other water fowl), three playgrounds, soccer fields, basketball courts, green space, walking trail, dog park, baseball fields, and of course, splashpad, playgrounds and bathrooms (my f

This post will just cover the splashpad (which is in the renovated section of the park!)


The Splashpad is on the southeastern most section of the park. There is convenient parking right next to it, as well as a newly built restroom facility!

As you can see, there is some shades over the splashpad as well. The seating for parents is relatively unshaded except for one section (this was taken at about 11am in September, so the sun will be at different heights at different times).

2016-09-11-11-26-49There are a few gates to enter the splashpad, as it is fully fenced in. You do have to close the gate and hook it when going in and out, as it is not a magnetized door. Make sure you do it each time so those parents who have runners have a chance!


The bathrooms are conveniently located between the splashpad and the newly renovated park, and by all the nice new shaded picnic areas.



All that nice shaded seating, great for picnics and parties!



This huge spray bridge was unfortunately not working when we went, but it was the only item not working. As they are still working on the splash pad and doing the grand opening, we will give Avondale a chance to fix it!

The ground material is unfortunately not the rubberized material, but was very textured concrete, much like the new Surprise Farms Community Splashpad.

There were three different water sensors I saw for turning on different parts of the splashpad. They did make a little beeping noise as your finger went over it.


This was a cool UFO looking splash device.


This was a bucket dumper (sometimes it needed a little help “dumping”) and a better view of the shades.


A nice view of the water shooting from the ground.


More water from the ground! You can see how close the parking lot is from this picture, so the fencing is a nice plus (ps close that gate!)


This “splash bridge” was working! (you can see the bathroom structure in the background). Near this bridge was a little concrete bench that was in the shade.


The mosaic tiling around the splashpad was such a nice touch!

This is a great splashpad, and I’m so excited that it is part of the parks rejuvenation , as well as the new playground pieces they are putting in. We love splashpads, especially ones that have shade!

The Basics

Friendship Park Avondale (splash pad)

12325 W McDowell Rd

Splashpad opens for the season the date of the Kidsfest-(usually first weekend of April). Open weekends until Memorial Day, then daily after Memorial Day weekend.

Hours-Weekdays 9am-7pm

Weekends 8am-8pm


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