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Frequently Asked Questions about Surprise AZ Mom

I’m so happy you all are following our blog and our adventures, and I hope that it has inspired you to do some of your own exploring. I’ve had questions asked of me before, so I figured I might as well answer them again!



Are you a real mom? Haha, yep. I guess there are “Fake” mom bloggers out there, but I’m a real one. I started this blog when my youngest was 5 months old and we had just moved to AZ. My husband is a web designer and I can’t sit still and my kids love going to new places, so I figured we’d document it and hopefully inspire others to check out new places with their families. I struggle with getting my kids in and out of the car, temper tantrums, potty accidents…you name it, we’ve done it!

duallieYou homeschool…why? And are you going to do it forever? Munchie was in a preschool in Connecticut and here in Arizona, and we weren’t happy with what was going on in the classroom in either locations. He was often hit and dragged by other kids and then one day he came home and told us his teacher hit him. After a long discussion with my son and the school, I found out another child in his class convinced him to tell me this! I couldn’t believe that this elaborate lie was happening in a 4 year olds classroom, so we decided to check out homeschooling.  Are we going to do it forever? I hope to, but I can’t honestly affirm yes or no. It’s just like asking when you got your first job “Are you going to stay here forever?” Things happen, life happens. We never imagined we would be homeschooling-but it’s been very rewarding for our family. I support our local schools as well through our blog, and of course the parents in our community-whatever their decision for education their children.

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Do you plan playdates? I don’t plan playdates through my blog, but there are lots of local groups that you can get involved with!

When will you have your next giveaway? How can I win? We are blessed to be involved with many different groups and blogging opportunities that give us the opportunity to do the giveaways. We often have things in the works to do giveaways. Each giveaway usually is associated with a fun task and has rules. Facebook is the easiest way for us to do the giveaways, so, follow our page on Facebook for the latest information.



What is your background with school/work etc?How about your family? I am originally from Meriden, CT. I ran track and swam as well as played a lot of instruments in our school band. I graduated from Central Connecticut State University with a Degree in Psychology in 2004 and I worked as a store manager at Target. I decided retail wasn’t for me, so I worked as a secretary for a psychologist that did evaluations for the court system and disability evaluations.


I met my husband through mutual friends and we were married in 2008. We had our first son in 2009 and my husband was deployed to Afghanistan (with the Army National Guard). My husband was still stateside when our oldest was born, so he was able to be there for the birth, but had to leave 10 days after. When my husband came back from Afghanistan, he started his own business, which eventually ended up morphing into Surprise AZ Web Services. We ended up having two more children and our Bulldog, Roxy.

I hold a Real Estate License in AZ (let me help you find a home!) and of course, I have the blog and we homeschool. My husband and I love to run, and in 2015 I did my first half marathon! Both my parents and my husbands parents have also relocated to Arizona as well.


I have a small business-how can I advertise with you? We have lots of advertising opportunities available-and upon request I can get you our numbers-page visits, email viewers, etc! I also will post a child geared/friendly event on my site for free!

Have any other questions you are dying to know? Feel free to ask!

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