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Freestone Park Gilbert

Are you looking for a fun park in Gilbert that has a little Surprise? This beautiful park in Gilbert not only has a few different playgrounds, it also has a teeny little amusement park!

Freestone Park is located at 1045 E Juniper Ave. There are two different areas that you can park, depending on if you are looking to be near the soccer fields or the amusement park.

We parked near the soccer fields. There was a HUGE hill my kids really wanted to roll down, but there was a soccer match with adults at the bottom of the hill so I stopped them. I loved that there was a small playground right near the soccer field! So perfectly convenient. We didn’t get close up pictures of that playground, but it was shaded and a little bit older. The playground was perfect for families who might have an older sibling or parent playing soccer.

freestone park

From the parking lot, there was a long windy trail to the newest playground, OR, you could take the short cut through the grass and go up and down a hill. My kids chose down and up the hill.


This was a lovely park with tons of different equipment! And, lots of shade. Plus lots of slides.

Unfortunately, it was not very toddler friendly.


There are tons and tons of monkey bars and climbing options at this park!


And more and more climbing! Plus a great twisty slide. And, don’t forget the bathroom!

ramada freestone park

A Small ramada was available. Plus, there were tons of tall trees. If you start to follow the trail, you will find a lake!

lake freestone park

There were some birds in the lake and a trail around the lake as well with some sitting areas to watch the birds too.

waterfall freestone park

This beautiful waterfall was a great spot to take pictures!

waterfall freestone

The little bridge that goes over the waterfall (there are two lakes that are separated and connect by the waterfall) makes for a great pictures spot. It is even better when your subjects pay attention!

If you continue to follow the path you will get to the amusement park!

amusement park

I’ll warn you, the amusement park is teeny. Very, very small. It is even smaller than Enchanted Island!

The Ferris wheel was for kids 48″ and under. It looked so incredibly teeny.


The carousel was also available, but the horses were not in very good condition if you got up very close. Be careful of splinters.

There was also a little boat ride.

All Tickets could be bought at this little shop. They also had a few food items. We purchased tickets for the train! I don’t put prices on my blog (changes happen) but you needed one or two tickets for each of the rides. The train was two tickets and ran every half hour.

The Train!

train ride

My kids wanted to be right behind the little engine. And, I don’t think that that was the best place to be because there was a lot of exhaust right behind the train! So, I suggest behind a few rows behind!


The seating on the train is a little tight but good for two by two. And there are no gates on the doors, so hold on. You cannot bring on strollers, so leave them on the side.

You can check out my Video I took as we rolled along. You can also see another playground! People loved waving at the train.

Other Playground

Right by the amusement park is another parking lot (off of North Freestone Park Loop), and another playground. We didn’t check out this playground. There wasn’t a bathroom near that playground. But, it does look amazing from google maps (Thank you Google maps!). We could see it from the train. It had some amazing slides.

Freestone Park also has baseball fields in the southeast corner, batting cages, a skate park in the northeast corner basketball courts and tons of great greenspaces as well!

The Basics

Freestone Park

Either North Freestone Park Loop or E Juniper Ave

Gilbert, Arizona

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