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Free Worksheets and Learning Materials

If you are thinking about starting out on the homeschooling journey, you may be looking at your wallet, hoping for some Free Worksheets and learning materials.

Luckily, there are many places to find completely free worksheets and learning materials for kids, if you know where and how to search!

Make sure you check out our English and Language Arts guide, Online Math and Writing Prompts for subject specific information.

Education. com has a lot of free worksheets, games, plans and more. Some of them are paid, but you can search by free. You can also become a member for 8.00 a month (2020) to get all of the worksheets included.

Teachers Pay Teachers

This is a great site for free worksheets and learning materials as it is made by teachers for teachers. You can search by grade level, subject and price!

National Geographic Kids

National Geographic has videos, games, experiments and more! You can check out a lot of free things in one site!

Not only can you look up what the “Grades” are of the schools are in your area, but you can also find free worksheets for your kids too! search by grades and subjects.

Lakeshore Learning

Lakeshore Learning makes a lot of great toys and classroom equipment, and they also have a whole site of free resources online!

PBS Kids

Must sign up for an email, but there are resources, shows, crafts, games, recipes, worksheets and more!

Old Farmer’s Almanac

Weather, Moon Cycles, Animals, Stories, activities, jokes and more!

Ranger Rick

Part of the National Wildlife Federation, Free Crafts, Activities, jokes and more.


Create your own code using MITs Scratch! Like a game, kids learn how to code.

Story Pirates

Based on the famous podcast with the same name, there are downloadable activities each week to help encourage writing.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy starts their Reading and language arts program in 2nd grade and it is in Beta Version right now (2020). Free.


Readworks has online information and passages for kids k-12 and is free. Parents or teachers need to log on and can set up an account for kids. Pick between topics and goals. Free

Mr. Nussbaum

Mr. Nussbaum has lots of different options on their site. From reading, to grammar, to spelling, you can find lots of free games. There are ads on the site, but there are a LOT of great free things. Mr. Nussbaum isn’t just limited to ELA either.

Do you have any free resources you would like to share with us?

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