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Fountain Hills Park and Splash Pad

Last week we wanted to get out of the West Valley and try and take a drive to get the kids to fall asleep. I admit it freely! So, I had seen that Fountain Hills had a splash pad, so off we went. I didn’t do much research before we went, other than looking up the address, but after we went I found out a lot of cool stuff.

For instance, there is a Fountain Hills Park webcam. As I’m writing this, I am watching the webcam and its raining in Fountain Hills. There is a lot of great things at Fountain Park, especially the World Famous Fountain.

Because it was pretty hot the day we went, we didn’t play at the parks, but I took some pictures. There is a splash playground which is separated from the toddler playground and the big kids playground. All are shaded, which is a very nice thing, however, the playgrounds are very separated, making almost an L shape. Here is a layout of the park .



The Toddler Playground had some big things for the littles to climb, so if you have a child on the younger end, make sure you watch them closely.


This was my view of the “Big kids playground” from the “Toddler Playground”. As you can see just from checking out the photo, it’s kind of a far distance.


The big kids playground was like a larger, taller version of the toddler playground. It also had a tire swing. It was covered as well, and a bit closer to the lake. That would make me a bit more nervous with the toddler playground as well.


A cute entrance to the Splash pad, however, we didn’t go this way. We stopped off at the bathrooms first, which was closer to the playgrounds.


IMG_7872There were only three stalls in the bathroom, but it was a good enough size and had a changing table. The entrance to the bathrooms faces the lake.


And then, we finally hit the splash pad. We got to it around 2pm so the shades were unfortunately not very effective for us or the kids. I ended up going into the water fully clothed because I was hot, and it really felt nice! Above is a full picture. I HIGHLY suggest water shoes for this park. It is concrete and it gets SUPER hot where it is not already wet.


Here were the shades. I think, had we come earlier in the day it might have provided some seated shade.


There was this nice bridge and a “fire man” that squirted water. The bridge didn’t have water coming out of all of the holes, but it was good enough.


A dump bucket and a “lighthouse?” behind it. It sometimes worked, but I couldn’t really get the kids to figure it out.

There is also a touch pole to start the water up, which is closest to the parking lot. It’s about 4′ tall and it is touch sensitive. They also have signs around the park.

A ramada was nearby to the splash pad, however, without going towards the parking lot, onto the sidewalk, there was no good way of getting there other than going through the rocks. That was a bit of a disappointment. It is not a really big one, but has picnic tables.

If you go to the park through East El Lago Blvd, (which I recommend for parking) you can park in the lot nearest to the Splash pad. Also, conveniently located, is a Frozen Yogurt Shop. We didn’t go, but kudos to them for having a close to the park. There’s also a wine lounge for parents, two pizza places and a coffee house. Love the proximity of all these places!.ha ha!

The Basics

Fountain Hills Park

12925 N Saguaro Blvd (best to Enter off of El Lago Blvd)

Fountain Hills, AZ


This Park includes: playgrounds, walking trails, urban fishing trails, splashpad, bathrooms


  1. Linds on August 17, 2016 at 7:17 am

    I typically don’t leave comments but I just had to say how incredibly helpful and amazing this was!!! The details were so awesome. The El Lago parking tip and the “bring water shoes” was especially helpful. The pictures were fantastic as well. Thank you SO much, this just made a busy mom’s day so much easier!

    • Vicki on August 17, 2016 at 8:48 am

      Aww thank you Linds! I truly appreciate your comments! And thanks for following the page as well. I know how hard it can be to go out with littles to places you don’t know! Hope you have a wonderful day!

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