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Founder’s Park Splashpad Queen Creek

During our tours of parks in the east valley, my kids were so happy to come across Founder’s Park in Queen Creek.

But, truth be told, I didn’t exactly tell my husband that we were traveling all the way to Queen Creek. We started in Scottsdale and slowly meandered to Mesa, then to Queen Creek. Eastmark Park to Founder’s Park in Queen Creek is actually just a few miles away, a rationalized.

My husband just shook his head and sighed. Yup, all the way from Surprise to Queen Creek, the long way!

Founder’s Park is off of S Ellsworth Road in Queen Creek and is near shopping, but is really located in a very cute “old timey” district of Queen Creek. I really liked the area.

If you look at Google maps satelite from above (July 2019), it only shows the splashpad as a grassy area, but the street view shows the splashpad! So funny how that happens sometimes. It is there, I swear!

Founder’s Park also has a community center, basketball courts, a skate park and a really nice playground. My kids were really into the splashpad so that is our goal with this post. And, what a nice splashpad it is!

The splashpad is totally gate and only has one entrance, which is to the north of the splashpad. I loved that it was gated. It is every moms dream. Thank you Queen Creek. Four large ramadas surround the splashpad to the east, west, north and south. They are not able to be reserved. Inside the ramadas are even signs that say “make room for your neighbors!”

Trees also surround the splashpad but are a bit further off. There are some grassy areas within the gated area so you can have a picnic or a party. Or, even set up a little popup tent.

Bathrooms are available outside of the gated area, which is the only downside of the splashpad, but I’ll allow it!

There was also an emergency button that looked really enticing somewhat near the gated entrance. Don’t push this button! Don’t let your child near this button as if someone pushes this button the splashpad will get shut down for quite some time until someone investigates. Phew that my little one didn’t actually push it. He thought it was to turn the water back on.

Turning on and off the Water

Every hour or so, the water automatically turns off for a few minutes, and then it goes back on. There are no buttons to turn the water on or off at this splashpad.

queen creek

The ramadas each had benches, one roundish picnic table and lots of shade!

Water guns were available to get the unsuspecting adult that might get in your way! Water shot from the floor and from above as well!

queen creek founders' park

The big dump in the middle was of course the favorite! My kiddos loved to pretend that they were super scared that the water was coming for them. So much fun.


Founder’s Park Splashpad is open in March and April from 10am-6pm, May-August 9am-7pm, September and October 10am-6pm and is closed November-February.

This is truly a lovely splashpad and has a lot of great features and hits one of our top splashpad list!

The Basics

Founder’s Park Splashpad and Park

22407 S Ellsworth Rd

Queen Creek

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