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Footgolf at Peoria Pines

“What is footgolf?”

Footgolf is the latest sport-combining soccer and golf! Have you ever played Fisbee golf? Or golf? Or Soccer? Or mini golf? Have you ever dreamed of going out on a golf course, but felt overwhelmed because you have no idea how to play golf? Or, have you not picked up the clubs in a while? Don’t have the time for a full game of golf since the kids arrived (that’s my husband!)

Footgolf is for you!

Combining soccer (or even kickball) with golf, footgolf has very little barrier to entry like golf. All you need is a soccer ball, some sneakers and a fun attitude!

Here is the lovely outside view of Peoria Pines Golf course, located at 8411 N 107th Avenue.

Half of the course is on the east side of 107th Avenue, and half of the course is on the west side of 107th Avenue.

Golf Etiquette

I will fully admit here-I am not a golfer at all, my husband is the golfer and is very good! I have never been on a golf course other than to help at an annual tournament we put on for a family member. However, I do know there is golf etiquette that needs to be followed. There were other golfers on the course, so we did have a chat with our kids about golf etiquette before entering the clubhouse.

  • no screaming or yelling
  • no distracting other players
  • don’t rush other people, but don’t dilly dally either
  • Don’t get in another player’s way
  • Respect the green -don’t kick hard in footgolf

Each person needs their own ball. We only had one size five ball so we rented four others. We rented golf carts. You must be a licensed driver to have a cart. Sorry kiddos!

Map? What Map?

My husband did laugh at me because I asked “Do you have map?” As a not avid golfer, I don’t know these things! I always have a question. If you too want a map-the golf cart comes with a TV screen that shows you where you are and the next hole. For the map lovers in all of us!

My husband said to me “You just follow the cart path to the next hole. That’s how you find the next hole”. He is assuming I can find the cart path! If you can be directionally challenged like me-don’t worry-Peoria Pines has you covered with the maps in the golf cart. It’s an extra fee of $15 to rent it, but so worth it!

footgolf 1 peoria pines

Here, my husband is explaining to Dimples and Giggles what they are supposed to do. And, that the goal is not to hit it in the water! On the ground, you can see a “kick off” spot with balls. There was one for kids and one for adults. Scott and I both did the kids, since it was our first time playing.

My husband realized that he should stand near the water just in case, so you can see him run through the shot!

Hubby had a big kick on one of his turns!

On my turns, well… I came close!

The kids had an amazing time trying to beat us at our own game. At first, Munchie was concerned he was going to have to get the soccer ball in the golf ball hole!

Luckily, after many hits, he realized he wasn’t faced with the impossible! The flags were marked appropriately for golfing vs footgolf, so you had to look for the right hole, and they were not in the same place. No worries, Munchie, your soccer ball would not get caught in the golf ball hole!

Water traps!

We did have two balls go into the water, but luckily we got it out because it didn’t go far. However, I suggest having a parent stand near the waters edge to make sure rogue balls don’t drift near the water. We did move the start of one of the plays because we knew our aim was not very good. We played a friendly game of Footgolf and didn’t give ourselves a penalty stroke either!


Footgolf was really a fun time. My golfing husband liked it because he was able to get out on the golf course and play around (and get a little tired too!). My kids loved it because the game moved along quickly and they got the idea of it very quickly. The kids also liked riding in the golf carts too. I liked it because it had a low barrier of entry. A soccer ball per person, sneakers and off we went. The rules are very simple and easy and the kids really didn’t need a lot of skill and just a little patience to wait their turn to go. It was like a big game of mini golf with their feet!

I recommend Footgolf for kids 6 and up. This game is really great for families! Per Peoria Pines Regulations, all minors must have an adult with them on the course at all times, but why wouldn’t you want to get in on the action anyhow?

Pricing and Availability

Footgolf is available after 2:00pm every day until dusk. You can play FREE until February 14th 2020 (Ball and Cart rental still apply)! After February 14th, Price is $10 flat fee plus tax and Cart Fee is $15 per person. Unlimited play monthly memberships of $25 per child or $100 per family. Soccer balls can be rented or you can bring your own. The Price is for 18 holes. Tennis shoes or sneakers are the only footwear allowed.

*Prices may change without notice to Surprise AZ Mom. Please check Peoria Pines Website.

The Basics

Peoria Pines Golf & Restaurant Footgolf

8411 N 107th Ave

Peoria, AZ

We received complimentary admission. All opinions are 100% our own.

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