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Folley Memorial Park-Chandler

When we go to the East Valley, we do a big park excursion. Folley Memorial Park, Right off of Frye Rd and next to Frye Elementary school had such a huge shaded play area, I just had to give it a huge thumbs up!

Folley Park also has baseball fields, a pool, basketball courts, a green space, and a nice walking path and lots of parking all around in different areas of the park.

There were also big trees shading the parks, green space and the baseball fields, which really made it nice on a warmer day. Restrooms were also available.

The playground was under this huge shaded tent-and it almost reminded me of a circus tent. There was a toddler climber, a big kids climber, and a very challenging monkey bar climbing area for my little monkeys

This climber had a little bit of everything. A rock wall. Twists and turns, holes to climb through and up, and a non solid surface with a fire pole in the middle! Very frightening for a little one who might find there way up there, but great for the big kid climbers who like a challenge.

Another picture of the climber with all the challenging ways to climb up onto the platform with the fire pole (the holes in it were big enough to fall through for little feet). In back you can see swings and a building that had the bathrooms. 

The Toddler play area had double slides, small climber, stairs, a small twisty slide, and a tic tac toe board. The toddler play area could probably stand a bit more mulch!

This thing is a puzzle. I guess you could say that it is a slide that has sides for climbing. You could slide down it, or you could climb up it. The toddler play area and the big kid area had versions of this. It’s like the chicken or the egg question…do you climb up or slide down? Choose your own adventure (at your own risk!)

The big kids platform had a ton of things to climb, stairs and lots of slides-twisty and straight. The straight one was pretty fast (and it needed a bit more mulch at the bottom!)

The swings. Three big kid swings, but no baby swings ! And, there was the big green swing that had a magnetic clasp to keep the child in. Munchie got in, but couldn’t get out! Once again, we could have used a bit more mulch to have the swings not so high up. But, after a few months, the mulch gets compacted and starts breaking down, so I am sure it will be filled!

The bathrooms, and you can see the full covered playground! Look how big that cover is! This park is great for a sunny day when you need shade.

The Basics

Folley Memorial Park

601 E Frye Rd Chandler


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