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Fixin’ to Eat Peoria

Are you bored with your current menu? Don’t have enough time to prepare a good, home-cooked meal but want something fresh?

Fixin to Eat

Fixin’ to Eat in Peoria on 89th and Bell Road has you covered!

What is Fixin’ to Eat? It is a meal prep kitchen where you can either prep food yourself, by yourself or with some friends, or you can have food prepped and delivered!

Forget delivery where food can be messed with-now you can be in control! With gluten free and lighter fare options, Fixin’ to Eat doesn’t require minimum orders or subscriptions. Find a meal that fits your lifestyle and taste, and have it ready in your freezer or refrigerator!

Before you go, you’ll want to check out Fixin’ to Eat and their website to pick out your menu-

Here’s our video to show you!

Located in the Albertson’s shopping plaza at the corner, you’ll find Fixin’ to Eat with this gorgeous sign.

item nook

Upon entering, put your items in this awesome nook to keep your purse clean from food debris and out of the way!

kithen at fixin to eat

If you have ever worked in a restaurant, this setting may look very familiar!

one of the menus

One of the stations that I was prepping for was the Chinese Lemon Chicken. the menus are ready for you to get everything together with instructions. Wash your hands, put on gloves and follow the easy to understand instructions. But, Jaimi and her helpers are there if you get stuck!

jaimie shows me how to properly zest

Owner Jaimi also showed me how to properly zest a lemon with a tool. This is a tool I have in my kitchen, but I didn’t know how to use it! Thanks Jaimi!

Vicki Gets into her game

massaging my food

And, here I am looking really busy, massaging my food and getting it all ready for fridge. Yum. Yes, massaging the food is important to get it all mixed correctly. Massaging it also helps it feel less stress (I am lying here, but it seems funny!). The buckets hold your bags so you can put all your ingredients in while not having to hold your bags. Less spilling! It is so brilliant!


A quick peak into on of the refrigerated sections that had all of my ingredients for the Chinese Lemon Chicken! You can also see my bag in the bin set up for dumping my ingredients.

This station was the side stations that were included this month! Make sure you get your sides if they are included in your meals.

From the back of Fixin’ To Eat, you can see all of the different food stations set up, easy to find for newbies!

Parties, meal planning and more

If you are looking for a get together for moms who are busy but are also trying to come up with new ideas for feeding their brood, Fixin’ to Eat is a perfect solution. Have a party with some of your friends, enjoy each others’ company and meal plan for a month and then freeze meals! Each person picks out their menu. With one party, your guests have had a great time and one less thing on their to do list!

You can also come in by yourself and do your own meal planning like I did. Or, if you don’t have time to prepare your own meals, you can pay a little extra and have the staff prep your meals for you! There is nothing quite like a home cooked meal, and the staff at Fixin’ to Eat keeps the mess out of your kitchen! You can even have it delivered to your home! Gluten Free, lighter fare and Keto friendly meal options are available.

Check out Fixin’ to Eat and their awesome reviews as well! Calendars update monthly!

The Reaction

My kids and husband LOVED the food. My husband told me “This is what we have been missing! Marinating the food for a long time. That is just one reason this tastes so good”.

I tried to say it was prepared with my love too, but, he wasn’t buying that!

Picture of the Steak Bites! I added the rice and asparagus

The meat was high quality and truly delicious, and precut! YAY!

The Basics

Fixin To Eat

8940 W Bell Rd Suite 101

Peoria, AZ 85382

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