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Fired Pie

“Fired Pie” is one of the up and coming “fast casual” restaurants that is hitting the scene. I’m just catching up with different fun food places (I’m pretty sure I was stuck in Goldfish cracker coma with my little kiddos), so I was super excited to have our family check out something that was full of fresh, yummy and fast-made food.

We checked out the Fired Pie in Avondale, one of the 16 valley locations (2 in Tucson as of 2017). It is conveniently located right near the Walmart on Dysart at I10, Once Upon and Child (you know moms are there!), and even close to one of our favorite kid play places, Jubeelieve. They are also in Glendale at the Tanger Outlets (nice and close to the Splashpad at Westgate), amongst other kid friendly locations!

Fired Pie is simple yet complex. Pizza Pies and Salad.  And a dessert. And soft drinks, beer and wine. Their menu has both Vegan and Gluten free options too, which is a plus for me (I’m Dairy Free). The crusts are made in house every morning, so they are fresh.

The restaurant is clean and uncluttered. My kids were able to pick out their pizzas and their toppings by looking at what was available. Even Dimples (3) could see what toppings there were for his pizza.


Thin Crust Pizza dough and just look at all those luscious greens! I love my salads. I love my pizza too (and they can make it Dairy free with Daiya cheese, which is really pretty great tasting), but I decided to get a yummy salad.

You can make your own with your own toppings, or they have their creations menu (already made suggestions). Margherita, veggie, steak and blue are just some of the options. Making your own Salad is just as easy-Build it yourself, or have one of their suggested salads.

My kids had cheese pizzas with kalamata olives, my husband had the meaty Italian and I had my own custom made salad. A salad just tastes better when someone makes it for you!

I loved the decor in Fired Pie-Simple, clean yet warm!

And, they have the cool soda and drink machines too (along with different Ice Teas, and Beer/Wine that are available behind the counter where food is prepared).

The digital soda machines are pretty cool. I used to love mixing soda flavors when I was a kid, so this is a big kids dream come true. My kids really liked their Gatorade mixes I made for them!

Beautiful seating area! And, they do bring  your food to the table (I love that!). They also have outdoor seating available at the Avondale location.

We also tried some “fired Pookie” which is a chocolate chip pie cookie.  Munchie, our 7 year old, tried to take a whole Pookie down without sharing!  Look at Dimples and Giggles digging into the goodness. I put my dairy free persona aside, and tried some. It was gooey delishiousness with chocolate chips and sugary dough.

I think the best thing about Fired Pie is that it is so quick for fresh food. I even quizzed the manager, Marty (who was excellent and super friendly) how long it takes to make the Pizza-about 4 minutes. The oven is brick on the bottom and gas fired (and Avondale has one of the biggest ovens) Your personalized pizza with fresh ingredients is SO quick, there is just no excuse for lack of time. And, they have salads. You can even partner the salads with the pizza!

The pizzas are a good size that two of my kids can split one pizza, or each could have their own for leftovers the next day. It’s affordable, quick and has freshly made ingredients made right at the local shop. I really like the gluten free and vegan options as well! The staff was beyond friendly and patient with my littles.

I am so happy we were introduced to “Fired Pie”. It is definitely a yummy way to eat pizza while having the best of ingredients. My kids said it even was competition for my homemade pizza (haha!)

In 2018, Fired Pie Rolled out ” Custom Mac and Cheese”! You can add whatever you want to your own Mac and Cheese, and it is amazing! Munchie added Olives and Tomatoes to his. It gets baked in the pizza oven in a cast iron dish.

Mac and Cheese


Dimples stayed more basic, with a simple Mac and Cheese with no additives.

MAc and Cheese Fired Pie

The Basics

Fired Pie-Multiple Locations across the Valley


We enjoyed a complimentary meal at Fired Pie. Opinions are 100% my own. 

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