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Fiesta Mall Mesa


The Fiesta Mall in Mesa has a really large play area, which was awesome. The kids had a fun time running around the big area which is located by Sears. There’s even a little area for the smaller kids, although the big kids do tend to run into the area as well, since the partition isn’t that big.


There was also a lot of seating for adults and stroller parking as well as shoe drop off too.


There were lots of tunnels and slides.



I’m not exactly sure what this was supposed to be, but the kids had a great time just laying in it.

The Fiesta Mall is looking a bit empty. Like the Metro Center Mall (which I didn’t write about) there are a lot of empty store fronts. The food court is probably the busiest area other than the kids play area. I hope that the malls are able to revive themselves from whatever slump they are in, because they are great for going to in the summer and getting an ice cream or dinner. While the play area was very lively, the rest of the mall made me feel like we were in a ghost town. There were a lot of security guards around continuously walking, but there are a few other malls that I prefer other than Fiesta Mall in Mesa.

If you go, parking outside of Sears would be your best bet to get to the play area easiest. The play area is also closed for cleaning between 2-3pm.


The Basics

Fiesta Mall Mesa

1445 W Southern Ave, Mesa, AZ


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