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Festival Fields Splashpad Avondale

Festival Fields is located near the intersection of Lower Buckeye Road and Litchfield Road in Avondale. It is actually very close to the Goodyear Airport and an Amazon station of some sort (there are a lot of Amazon vans!).

The Festival Fields Park has a ton of great features and I’m super excited to showcase this park. I was so excited that I visited it three times before it was opened. Unfortunately, the weather seemed to delay the opening. The park features a gated dog park, splash pad, skate park, restrooms, ball fields (little league too), green space, trail heads, basketball courts, pickleball courts, playgrounds and a fishing lake. The scenery is also so picturesque!

The splashpad is a very good size, but you will want to make sure that your kiddos have plenty of sunscreen on as it is not shaded! The splashpad is also cement, so water shoes will be important too.

Lots of dump buckets! It seems like all of the newer playground equipment is themed with the yellow, this greenish hue and blue. Or is it me?

I liked that the splashpad had a lot of space between the different pieces so that kids could do what kids do-run!

I believe these two pieces squirted at each other, but I’m not sure as it was November when I went to check it out. Far in background is a small pole with a green piece and I believe that was the one to turn everything on. I couldn’t test that, as it was November!

There were two shades, but mostly they were for the spectators.

I liked that there was a huge ramada with picnic benches. There was also a grilling area and bathrooms were right near the splashpad. Also, be aware that the fishing lake was very close. There is some light fencing, but nothing that a determined child couldn’t get through.

This is a great angle to see the button to turn on the splashpad and the bathrooms, along with this water wheel. I have feeling my child would try to climb this, how about yours? Ooops!

Parking is very easy and you can also see that there is a playground nearby! We will cover that in this separate post!

The Basics

Festival Fields Splashpad

101 East Lower Buckeye Rd

Avondale, AZ

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