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Festival Fields Park Avondale

Festival Fields opened after a facelift and many new upgrades, including a splashpad, skate park, basketball courts, playgrounds, urban fishing lake, dog park, baseball fields, little league field, pickle ball courts and basketball courts.

Festival Fields Park will be a great highlight for the Avondale community! You can see our Splashpad review here

Located at 101 Lower Buckeye Road, Festival Fields Park has a lot of great parking for all of the wonderful places that you and your family can experience at the park.

The Urban Fishing lake is only partially fenced. Just be warned that the fencing is probably easy enough to move if you have a motivated toddler. The water doesn’t look very deep near the edge. I would say it was about one foot, but still enough for a child to get into trouble!

A Large covered ramada with plenty of picnic benches was between the splashpad area and the playground area. A grilling area was also available.

Bathrooms were colorfully marked and near the splashpad and ramadas. I personally liked that there was a water fountain and bottle filling station.

The tot playground was a strange collection. I would say that it would be good for kids 3-5 years old, but it was such a small area of interest. Some of the items were just awkward.

The slide had steps up to it, which was nice for smaller kids. There were smaller steps and then poles that were for something, but I’m not sure what. There was a triangle base that a child could rock back and forth and one small gear item. I really feel like the tot area was severely lacking. Lots of colors and poles, but not much for a tot to do.

For bigger kids, there were these swings!

An interesting rope climb, things to spin on everywhere and things to cross and wiggle on.

A large, tall climber that was about 25′ tall was a great thing for kids to climb. Munchie will have to come with me for this. I know this will make his day! I also liked that around the urban lake there were small ramadas with benches and picnic tables under neath.

A bit further around the lake was a exercise course, and this is where I felt the big “uh oh” coming.

Why do I feel like there was an “uh oh”? They didn’t as a mom about this! Here is an area with a sidewalk, brightly colored obstacles that look fun and inviting and water that is completely unguarded and off runs a little kid. It is not too far from the playgound and it is right next to the play area.

This was a mix of ninja course meets exercise equipment and on the sign it says ages 5-12 and up.

Once again, I just think that this being so close to the water with no fences is a really bad design. There is going to be a child that sees other children over at this area and is going to run over there, trip, and fall in the water.

So, if you go to the park, please keep an eye on your kids. Children can drown in an inch of water. I did call the city of Avondale to let them know of my concerns and right now there is no plans to add additional fencing.

Looking at the park from the greenspace! It was a cloudy day, but you can see how far the tower extends over the canopy of the tot playground!

Pickle Ball Courts. Each has its own light to press.

Beautifully lit basketball courts for people to enjoy.

The skate park was amazing! I didn’t take too many pictures as I didn’t want to interrupt the skaters, but Wow! If you have someone who is looking for a challenging course, or just some regular pipes, this is an amazing park to check out! In the skate park area, there were also some benches.

When I was speaking with the staff regarding the fencing, it was mentioned that they are keeping an eye on the park for the usage and how people are using the park and if there are things that need to be changed or rules that might need to be amended!

Alright, I couldn’t figure this seat out! On either side of this tall thing was a chair. So, I’m naming it a time out chair. It was near the playground. There was also another similarly shaped thing by the other side of the playground by the basketball courts. Beautiful time out chair it is!

Don’t forget about the pups! They also get a fun park to play in. It was not open yet when we visited. It is strange that they put the dog park low, as the lower areas are usually the last to dry out. Another thing I don’t quite understand. If you go with your dog (or your whole family) to the park, monitor the weather. You probably won’t want to go for a whole week after rain, as it will probably be a disaster.

The Basics

Festival Fields Park

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101 E Lower Buckeye Rd, Avondale, AZ 85323

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