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Favorite Splashpads!

It is hard to name a few top splashpads in the Phoenix Area! There are so many, but these are our family’s favorite ones for cooling off!

Our family’s Top Splashpads-

  1. Pioneer Community Park, 83rd and Olive-Peoria. Easily located right off of 83rd Ave and close to the 101 and Westgate, Pioneer Park has a huge shaded playground, community lake, greenspace, ramadas and restrooms. The splashpad and park area all on rubber matting, which makes it easy to have little ones play during the hot summer without flip flops. There is some cement where the benches are. This park is very popular during the summer and on weekends. The splashpad turns on at 10am. The Matting has been updated and is not as granular as before, a little more slick but still has some give. Here is a picture from May 2018. 

pioneer park

2. Desert Ridge Marketplace-21001 North Tatum Blvd Phoenix. Desert Ridge Marketplace not only has a nice splash area, it also has great seating, ambiance and natural shade during much of the day. With a few dining options right around the splashpad, moms and dads can grab a coffee and a snack and sit in the comfortable lounge chairs while the little ones play. It isn’t the most exciting splash pad, so bring toys, but the splash area does have some rubber matting. Around the seating area is now turf. The palm trees surrounding the seating area makes the area feel tropical!

3.Paiute Park-Scottsdale-This hidden gem right near Tempe and Phoenix has a huge splash pad area, great grass area, bathrooms and a playground. The rubberized surface was also a huge plus! It was a bit out of the way to find (behind the Boys and Girls Club), and had a small parking lot, but the size of the splashpad was just amazing! Bring your buckets and water toys for this one and get ready for your kids to get worn out!

4. Friendship Park-Avondale. The new renovation to the Friendship Park in Avondale was an amazing, and highly awaited. It opened early in September in 2016 and was well received by the community. The gated area, the close bathrooms, the water features and semi shade available make this a great option for little runners. The gates aren’t automatically closing, so it’s best to station yourself close to them just in case. Although the surface isn’t the rubberized material I was hoping for, it is a beautifully done park!

5. Speaking of Gated SplashPads, Rio Vista in Peoria also tops on our list for the gated factor. While it is a smaller splash pad, it is good for the wee ones who may be runners. However, if you have a child that likes to climb over things, the fence with the pond directly behind it may be too enticing not to jump over. The parking at Rio Vista and it’s proximity to the splash pad is not the most ideal, nor is the bathroom location. However, the water features and the rubberized playground and small area of shade makes this park a nice destination!

6. Phoenix Zoo-Although you do have to pay to get into the two splash pads that the Phoenix Zoo offers, it is one of the reasons I prefer the Phoenix Zoo over the other zoos in the area! The splash pad by the lake is a nice refreshing treat for the wee ones. There is even a changing area nearby, as well as a rubberized area for the wee ones. If you have a little one that has been riding in a stroller throughout the zoo, this splashpad provides a nice break. The splash pads at the zoo do turn on early in the season, and are even open during the summer night events. The Phoenix Zoo also has another splash pad on the other side of the lake (near Monkey Village), but that is better for older children as it has a slide and caves.

7. Kiwanis Park-The cloud! This Splashpad just has features that make splashpads jealous. With a storm theme to the splashpad and lots of different splash features, your kids will love this splashpad. Plus, it has a LOT of shade!

kiwanis park the cloud


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