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Favorite Games to Play With Kids

Turn off the tablets. Pause the Netflix, Disney Plus and Hulu.

Grab your kids and make a game night. Games nights are great for making memories, building relational skills, math skills and so much more.

One of my favorite things to do with my extended family and friends growing up was to play games. I would go over to my grandmother’s home and she would play cards, monopoly and any other game I could get my hands on. I have been lucky to have been given many games and I have purchased many more games for my kids. So, all of these games have been tested in our house and they are ones my kids and I have really enjoyed.

For the little ones (preschool and early elementary)

For learning letters, Sequence is a fun game that comes with pictures to help young children learn the sounds that come with the letters.

This game proceeds fairly quickly and is great for 4-5 year olds.

Can you believe I never played Candy Land until I babysat my neighbors? This game is truly a classic and is great for preschoolers. The age range says 3 and up, but if you actually want a real game, I suggest 4+. No reading is involved, but just know-every family seems to play this game a little different!

Cooperative games (games that you play “against the board” instead of against other players) are all the rage. Hoot Hoot Owl is an easy to understand game for kids 3 and up. Dimples was able to understand this game fairly quickly with his older siblings and we were able to play a few rounds before everyone wanted a different game.

Another Cooperative game that my kids and I have really enjoyed is Protect the Pride Lands. This game goes fairly quickly and easy to catch on. The ages say 4+, but Dimples at three could kind of understand it with help.

I have always loved the game Monopoly, so I think I am super partial to this game. If you have never played Monopoly before, just know that it does some setting up and will take some time. However, this game does not take as long as the full version. The board is much smaller and the denominations are smaller. This game does require patience and may be better suited for 6-7 year olds. However, preschoolers (with help) can play.

While this isn’t really a board, game, this is a fun thing to have for our family and is an easy set up. A table top Air Hockey game is perfect for a hot day and is great for getting out some wiggles. Make sure you have a lot of batteries on hand for this one, but our kids love taking on their siblings or an adult!

Another item that isn’t quite a board game, but gets put in our “board game” collection is this box of gears. My kids love putting these things together and seeing how it all works as one. And, my husband and I love working with it as well! There is just something fun in creating something and talking as we create!

A Bit Older

Qwirkle is a great game with strategy for kids who might like dominoes! We had a lot of fun playing this game. Get out your sheets for addition, you will need some math skills for this one!

Jenga is a great game for younger kids too, but they might get a little frustrated if their hands aren’t too steady. So, I recommend it for the 7 and over crowd! My younger kids would always use it for block building anyhow!

Beat the Parents requires a little bit of trivia knowledge, luck and skill. For ages 8 and up, this game is a lot of fun for kids who want to play a game to really challenge their parents and perhaps make their parents look foolish!

If you want to fully depress your kids with the cost of Life, get them intrigued with the game of Life! This game always brings back fond memories for me! I had a lot of fun playing it with my friends. And, realizing how expensive things are. This game is fun for kids 10 and up.

If you love naming things, Scattergories is a great word game. Name things by a letter dice, but don’t name the same thing as your opponent. Get ready for tons of laughs. This game is best suited for ages 12 and up!

Great Games for all ages

There are some games that work great for preschoolers through high schoolers (and beyond!). As long as you can get someone to sit still long enough to play, you can get in a great game!



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