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Favorite Family Friendly Podcasts

Podcasts are your great grandparents radio shows, and they are great for listening to while you are on the go or if you are just hanging out and home and cuddling on the couch. You can still use your imagination and dream of things far away, but while resting your eyes (or voice, mom and dad!).

Here are some great kid friendly Podcast to keep you (and your kids’) minds learning and having fun.

Brains On

Brains on has a lot of great science information, and usually has a kid guest host. There also is a “mystery sound” in each episode, and every member in the family loves to try and guess what it is. Episodes are around 20 minutes long.

Brains On also has Resources for Educators for their podcasts too:

Story Pirates

Story Pirates takes stories from kids and makes them into songs, plays and more! Now in Season 3, Story Pirates even has books out to help spark kids imaginations and help them with the creative process. My kids love the fun stories and songs.

Forever Ago

Want to know where something comes from? Forever Ago explores the origin of where and why things originated. From shoes to umbrellas, your kids will have fun learning the history and fun facts of weird things!

Circle Round

Stories are a great way to explain life, and Circle Round is a perfect way to reach kids 4-10. There are stories many different countries and guest readers too!

The Past and The Curious

Do you love history, but your kids are not enjoying it as much? Well, check out this fun history podcast that goes into what people wore, did and more!


Do your kids love to learn about animals? Check out this education and comedy podcast that is all about animals with a science, education twist!

Tell us your favorite kids podcasts!!

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