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Favorite books for readers!

Time to get reading! If you have kids at home you might be wondering how to supplement your child’s education while they are not in school.

Reading is always the answer.

I’ll give you a simple hint. It doesn’t really matter what they read-but as long as they are reading something.

However, some reading material is easier to digest than other things. A book is always a better solution than a tablet, but tough times call for tough measures! If you have a library card, you can download books from hoopla or overdrive if you are in the Phoenix area. Amazon Prime also has downloadable books included in your membership. There are also tons of other ways to download books, including Barnes and Noble and Gutenberg (free).

Beginning Readers

Our favorite Beginning Readers Books:

Mo Willems: Gerald and Piggie and the Pigeon Books

Peg Plus Cat Books: They do a great job combining math and reading!

Paddington Bear- A classic book series that your kiddos will love and you will remember too!

Splat the Cat books-Funny, rhyming and fun, these east reads are great for young kids.

Monkey and Cake-If you like Elephant and Piggie books, you will also like Monkey and Cake! These easy reader books are funny and simple reads for kids and adults.

2nd Grade-4th Grade Readers

Dory Fantasmagory– A series of books about a tough girl who loves adventures!

Little House Books (Laura Ingalls Wilder)-This classic book set is perfect for your reader who loves history. Step back in time with Laura as she and her family explore the late 1800s in a covered wagon!

Junie B Jones likes getting herself into trouble, but has fun doing it! Your child will love her funny takes on life!

Dan Gutman “My Wierd School” Series. Now, if you are at home, schooling your children, this may be even more fun! Have your kids write an extension of how weird it is to be at home and having school!

5th Grade and Up

Dan Gutman comes up with another great book series with The Genius Files

James Patterson Treasure Hunters-Both my 2nd grader and 4th grader love these books, but are advanced readers. Each book is 300 pages, but has some graphics in it as well, and are pretty amusing!

A Series of Unfortunate Events-This dark series has humor but a dark side too. 13 books make up this series.

Magnus Chase Series

Percy Jackson-by the same author as the Magnus Chase Series, this series focuses on the Olympic Gods and teaches great lessons on Greek Mythology

Who Was? and What is? America Collection books. If you love history, this series is great for kids to get a great introduction to history in small bite sized pieces.

Harry Potter Series-This is a wonderful book series with magic, humor and fun. Kids younger can definitely understand and enjoy, but the books later in the series are longer and may require some further reading skills.

The Invention of Hugo Cabret

Do you have any books that you would like to add to our list? Let us know!!

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