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What to Expect on a Free Day

Free days at Museums and other venues are gold

Unless it is so crowded that you can’t get in. Or you get kicked out because it is overcrowded.

Phoenix summers are hot. And they can seemingly last forever, making a free day at any venue a literal hot spot to hit. With Social Media, word of mouth, and of course blogs like mine, the news that there is a free day anywhere can spread quickly to an area that has almost  4 million residents  (and growing).

I’m writing this post for those families who have never tried a free day at a venue or are wondering how else to get in for a discount to some of the fabulous places we have here in Phoenix.

What to expect

Especially in the summer, indoor venues will have lines wrapped around the building to get into the museums for free. Some of the museums that offer free admission are I.D.E.A. Museum in Mesa, Arizona Museum of Natural History and The Children’s Museum of Phoenix. These Museums do charge a fair rate for admission and are extremely popular.

If you want to see a museum, Free days are great. But, if you want to experience the museum, it is worth paying for! Free days are crowded and often are really only good for perusing the museum, but not to have a hands on experience with every display and exhibit

But you can get in for a discount on days that may not be so crazy-it just takes a little bit of planning! These tips are great for other venues as well (but may not work for all venues).

See if you can get advanced tickets or an advance check in. Fry’s Free weekend at Arizona Science center has done this-Check out this link to register ahead of time

Where to get a Discount!

Groupon has great deals for many places around the valley. Sign up and check for extra promo codes for extra savings!

Library Culture Passes-Avondale, Apache Junction, Buckeye, Chandler, Cave Creek, Glendale, Maricopa, Mesa, Peoria, Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe, Tolleson, ASU libraries offer culture passes-which means free admission to some of the local museums and venues. Venues DO change, so check back often. Usually a culture pass is good for two admissions per pass (you take it out just like a library book)

-POGO Passes- 

Use a POGO pass for free admission with this pass. All of these venues for one low price (they also sometimes run promotions, so google “Promotion code” and use code AZMOM as well for the best prices!)

-Group rates and discounts. Get a bunch of friends together and plan a date. Many times a group rate starts at 8 or ten kids, so grab some friends and make it a families day!

-If you are a Bank of America Card holder, You can also get into museums for free on the first full weekend of the month. Check out participating museums here

Entertainment books– Many schools sell these and they have excellent discount prices for loads of events, businesses, and even restaurants, including museums!

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