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Espee Park and Splashpad Chandler

Espee Park in Chandler not only has a great covered and shaded playground, but it also has a large splashpad, ramadas and bathrooms.

Espee Park Chandler

Espee Park had a nice toddler playground that was underneath the same shade as the big kids playground. The splashpad was HUGE, but was pavement. A bathroom, many huge ramadas and greenspace were all available at this park. There was tons of parking and a bike park to, so if you have older kids that aren’t into the splashpad or playground, there is something for them too. Espee Park also had a few baseball fields..

Espee Park Splashpad

This cool splashpad had lots of area to run, with a few benches placed under the shade.

Espee Park Splashpad turn on

Ok, it is one of these things to turn on the splashpad at Espee Park. Much like the Marley Park Heritage Park Splashpad.

Do you rub it? Do you tap it? Do you do a dance? I’m not really sure, but I think its a combination of all of this, plus possibly swearing under your breath. Honestly, after seeing so many different ways to turn on a splashpad, I truly feel this is the worst way. There is a flat side of this round mound. Is that what turns it on? I’m not quite sure, but just rub it all and tap to get it on. The splashpad seems to go in a cycle, so it will start with one part and then rotate through the all of the items. It’s a huge space and the items don’t stay on for that long.

water tower espee park

The water tower and a shooting spray out of the ground. The water tower would have been fun if it stayed on longer.

restroom espee park

The Espee Park restroom. It actually was a pretty nice looking restroom from the outside.

Who lives around espee park

Right near the bathrooms was this cool information about who lived around Espee Park. Which I’m putting here, because I’m sure you are like me when you have kids around. It’s hard to read any sign.

Ramanda Espee Park

The ramadas were all a great size with multiple benches and grills. There were also “s” shaped benches around the park too. The playground was a mix of gummy rubber, mulch and there were sand pits as well.

toddler playground espee park

The toddler playground was a nice size with some dramatic play areas-climbing areas and hideouts, and a steering wheel. The slides and stairs were nicely maintained and the mulch was at a good level! A Plus on this part! There were many baby swings (6) and two regular swings. But, not under the shade. Darn!

big kids playground espee park

The big kids playground was very nice with tons of different slides, climbing features and the rubber matting and mulch underneath. It was coming up a bit in places, but was ok. Just watch your step.

slides and more slides espee park

There were so many slides at this playground! And, if your kids like getting a bucket of water, you can make it a water slide!

climbing and sliding espee park

And tons of different climbing obstacles! So nice!

I think that Espee Park is a great park to come to if you have little ones. Water shoes are of course highly recommended. They will also help with the mulch and mulch is sharp! Bring buckets and splash toys as there aren’t many manipulatives in the splashpad, but kids should have fun! And, slather on the sunscreen since Espee Park Splashpad doesn’t have a shade over it. There  is also a large strench of greenspace that goes northward through the park with a trail, so you may see people walking throughout the park too!

The Basics

Espee Park Chandler

450 E Knox Road

Chandler, AZ

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