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Enchanted Island-Phoenix

Enchanted Island is located in Encanto Park in Phoenix.


Encanto Park is a huge area which also includes an urban lake, playgrounds, a swimming pool, golf course, paddle boat rentals  and lots of beautiful trees and picnic benches. There are even little islands in the Encanto Lagoon.

The best place to park for Enchanted Island is in the parking lot off of Encanto Blvd, east of N 15th Ave. The parking lot is large!

We visited during the summer, so the hours were just in the evening. It was pretty hot, and there are even warnings on every ride about the seats being hot. Drinks and food are sold inside and you cannot bring outside food.

Entrance from the parking lot.

A nice little footbridge from the parking lot and there were people fishing. Growing up in an area where fresh water (lakes and rivers) were a norm, these urban lakes aren’t exactly my cup of tea of fishing. But, to each their own. The water was obviously dyed to put a nice color in it, however it did have a slight smell. There were some areas that were a bit polluted with garbage, which was a bit sad, but for the most part it was clean.

We arrived a bit early, so the gate was locked.

The ticket booth, as my husband was walking away. Munchie has an oops face. We got wristbands for the kids (which were 12.50 for unlimited rides on a Saturday night), and we purchased tickets so we could ride on the train with the kids. The rides, in general, are not for adults. There is not admission cost per person, other than the rides.

There were lots of shaded areas for parties or picnics. All of the areas said reserved, so maybe it was for the night time. But, there was no one in there when we walked past.

The snack bar had quite a few options and drinks and ice cream bars. We only got drinks and were told we could keep our cups for free water refills (phew!). It was VERY hot. The snack bar was located to the south east of the carousel, and the bathrooms were located to the northeast of the carousel.

Bathrooms were similar to what you would see at a public park or pool. Lockers were available, which would be helpful if you wanted to keep items dry from the splash pad.

The Pirates Cove area was the Private area for parties or rentals, right near the bathrooms. There was a huge shaded greenspace, a private splash pad, an amphitheater area, weird stairs to somewhere (?) and areas that would be great for hide and seek.

The carousel was functional and the kids had fun, even though Munchie was being silly here. There were a few rides underneath the shade of the carousel that looked like they had really seen the sun for years and had faded.

The Vehicle ride was one of the kids favorites. It could seat a lot of kids, especially small ones. There were a few vehicles (helicopters) missing on the ride. The rides were all pretty well worn from years of use.

This ride was for kids 48″ and up, so only Munchie could ride. It only went up and down. He wasn’t overly impressed.

The splash pad. It wasn’t overly exciting. My kids didn’t go in since we didn’t bring a change of clothes. Birthday party pavilion was in the back, with the rock wall behind that. The train also runs around the back of the rock wall. My kids didn’t check out the rock wall since only Munchie could do it. It was hot too, so he wasn’t in the mood for climbing. The splash pad does require tickets or the all ride wristband.

The Dragon “Roller coaster”, which was like a barrel train on tracks, was my kids favorite. You can fit two kids in each seat, but my kids liked being on their own. They pretty much stayed on this one the entire time.


The plane ride was also one of the favorites. The kids could make the planes go up or down, but a few did not go up, so said Munchie. He tested EACH one out.

This was the tea cup rides. My kids love to spin (gahhh). Around and around they went.

Squirt gun war with cannons. The kids will get wet with this one!

The train, similar to the ones at Daisy Mountain Railroad and McCormick Stillman Ranch. The ride lasts about 5-10 minutes. It was a nice ride, but there was a few water areas that we passed that looked like the birds liked to…congregate. It probably needed a bit of clean up!

The Rock wall from the train.

The Amusement park was fun for my kids, but it obviously was worn and looked like it needed a good dose of 2010+. Since our kids are all under 10, they haven’t had a lot of experience with amusement parks and had fun because they could really just stay on the rides. We did go on a hot evening, so that probably kept a lot of people away from the park. The kids had fun, we enjoyed them playing and smiling and laughing, and the train ride was a nice break with a teeny breeze. Great for kids under 10.

The Basics

Enchanted Island Amusement Park in Encanto Park Phoenix

1202 W Encanto Blvd

Phoenix, AZ

Hours Vary due to seasonality




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